Friday, December 22, 2006

Back from Boot Camp

Eric Sitzman, my brother-in-laws younger brother just got back from boot camp in Southern California at the Recriut Depot with the Marines, where Brando went. He was with Platoon 3047 above. As you know, my brothers and close friend Brando have all been through boot camp. As such, I have heard the many stories and feel this is a huge accomplishment. Eric is now at Camp Pendleton, on to the next step. This is a huge commitment and sacrifice by the people who do and have done this. Both my brother, Tyler, and Brandon have been to Iraq and Eric may have to go too. So, thank you guys, and Hoooaaahhh, or something.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Ultimate Fighting, Daisy Style

Nowell came and stayed at our house this weekend while his owner was out of town. Being huge fans of the UFC, Daisy and Nowell practiced their technique. Flawless, horrifying, here's your Dog UFC.

Trauma Nights, and Pink Lemonade Slushies

Last month, these were the cats you saw between 5:30pm and 5:30am pretty much every day of the month if you happened to wreck your car or let a tree fall on you. Nick Pauly, sitting down, gracefully handled hundreds of nearly pointless floor pages. Example: "Dr. Pauly, Mr. SoandSo's blood sugar is 112. The orders say to call for blood sugars over 140, but I thought I should let you know." Ahhhhhhh! Our only reprieve was frequent trips to the ER for pink lemonade slushies.

Chad Caves ran the ER several nights while I was on the trauma team.

Our night doc, Dr. Aguilar, master of Woot's special deals.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Coast to Coast and Neurotheology

I was driving early this morning, and caught one of my favorite radio shows- Coast to Coast with George Noory. I use "favorite radio show" very loosely. It's can be really entertaining, and you feel like you have been transported to an entirely different culture when you listen to the callers. You can learn a little about the content here: Coast to Coast.

Anyway, the topics vary from UFO's to ghosts to conspiracy theories. You can imagine this brings in some very "interesting" callers. Today they were talking about Neurotheology, and had an author that wrote one of the main Neurotheology books out there. I have never heard much about this before, and maybe Eric could shed some light on the subject if he has delved into this at all. It, in my understanding, is an attempt to connect a materialistic approach like neuroscience to spirituality. Wikipedia has a nice summary of Neurotheology. You'll have to let me know what you think. It is at least an interesting concept.