Friday, December 22, 2006

Back from Boot Camp

Eric Sitzman, my brother-in-laws younger brother just got back from boot camp in Southern California at the Recriut Depot with the Marines, where Brando went. He was with Platoon 3047 above. As you know, my brothers and close friend Brando have all been through boot camp. As such, I have heard the many stories and feel this is a huge accomplishment. Eric is now at Camp Pendleton, on to the next step. This is a huge commitment and sacrifice by the people who do and have done this. Both my brother, Tyler, and Brandon have been to Iraq and Eric may have to go too. So, thank you guys, and Hoooaaahhh, or something.


Jerry M said...

A few years back, ok, maybe more than a few, I was there too. That is a tough thing to do, and thank you to Eric, Tyler and Brando. I liked that video too, almost gave me chills with the memories and the cadence in the back.

Paul said...

the cadence definitely gave me the chills. i remember when we made a similar video, and we had to say this chant over and over about killing and blood and everything, and it was kinda long and complicated. so getting 75 people to say it in unison for the video was impossible and the DI was going absolutely apeshit. i remember that day really clearly cuz it was one of the most miserable days there. it was the wed of swim week, and there was like a 3 or 4 hour block of time with nothing to do so we got terrorized for a long time.

funny how i look at the faces on that video and they look pretty much the same as the guys from our platoon. a buncha scared kids lookin hard, having just enough knowledge to get them in a lot of trouble.

btw 3047's got nuthin on 2090. :)

Travis said...

I thought this was really cool when Eric showed it to me. He had some great stories from Bootcamp.

Travis said...

He told me about eating and how you have to eat really fast which I remember Brandon saying. One day at lunch the kid next to him started choking, holding his neck and couldn't breathe. Eric and the other Marine both stood up and Eric gave him the heimlich maneuver, the food came up and he could breathe again. Eric said they both looked at each other, and then without saying a word sat back down and both went back to eating as fast as they could.

Later Eric thought about it, and said he couldn't believe what had happened. He potentially saved that kid's life, and in that setting they went back to eating like nothing had happened without saying a word.

brando said...

Ahhhh yes, the ole mean-mug video.

We're the boys from 2090 ya heard so much about! Mamas bring their children in whenever we come out!

I refused to have get a mean mug video, cause it was so extremely abusrd. I just got a pic of our plt, and called it good. It would be cool to go back to the depot sometime and have a look around.

Btw, your buddy is probably up around the San Onofre area, near Camp Horno. When Kim heard about that place, she kept mishearing the name. She thought it was "Camp Porno".