Saturday, January 13, 2007

Jander, Servant of Pelor

Jander Peltgrande
Born to the house of Lord Garrett Peltgrande, a land owner who prided his fields, but his family more. Jander had two older brothers, Narah and Saget ages 6 and 7. In the year of Janders' 4th birthday, an rash of disappearances had been occurring. Stories varied. Some say it was bugbears controlled by a wight in the north, surely a strange relationship if it ever existed. Others spoke of things more worrisome. A cleric of Nerull, who controlled undead making raids had been rumored to have been behind the disappearances.

Lord Garrett continued to deny any danger to his family, and although many neighbors had taken up in the Inn in the local town of Farist, Garrett and his family stayed at the farm. No one knows exactly what happened, but after a week of no word from the outlying farms, a search party was sent out. None of the other farms had been touched, but Lord Garrett's had been burnt to the ground. The search party found the bodies in the yard, except for Jander and Narah. Next to the bodies lied an open trunk, empty. Only a small shed was left standing, and there they found Jander, 4 years old, unable to speak of what he had seen. He was taken in by the Clerics of Pelor, Narah was never found.

Jander grew and studied under the Clerics of Pelor, coming to resent everything he knew that opposed the tenets of Pelor, especially undead. He found serenity in The Shining One, and came to be a favorite among the Clerics in the temple. Hard working, and even harder studying the tenets of Pelor and mastering his ability with his mace.

You can often find Jander in a quiet alcove beneath an emblazoned shining symbol of Pelor, self affirming, "I am merciful, just as the Sun of Mercy shines on me."

Several years ago the temple received word that Narah lives, and may be with the Nerull clerics in the North. No one has confirmed this, but even the thought of it drove Jander to make the decision to leave the comfort of his temple and group to venture out and actively seek out these abominations of nature.


chad said...

'Yes...But Travis...what does Jander like to drink? Is it Dr. Pepper? I'm sure it's Dr. Pepper.'

-Sorry Travis, just mocking someone else (who mocked me).

Jander Peltgrande looks like a great, storied character. I like how he was the most liked out of all the sons. Is it cause of his high charisma?

Travis said...

Jander's first adventure was a success. He managed to dust three zombies, help solve the murder in Elmshire and remove the curse on the townfolk.

Travis said...

And yes, he does have a high charisma.

JD said...

A well trained individual with a great motive to slay undead, I like it.

nedric said...

Hi Travis. Nice character. Good luck.

cyberninja said...

I see there was no mention of your most knowledgable source on "All things DnD" (ADD) while making your undead-slayer. That's cool, its not like I memorized the entire players handbook just to get recognized on a stinkin' blog about servants of mighty Pelor.

How'd that Greater Turning work out anyway?

Travis said...

I can attest that I have called Cory multiple times in the last 2 weeks with questions such as:

Ok, I am going to play a cleric, I am lost, where do I start?
which progressed to:
Which feats should I choose?
which progressed to:
How does turning undead work?
which progressed to:
In the book of the Complete Divine I guess I can't use the alternate turning rules in Living Greyhawk, but I can use the listed divine feats. I am going to get Disciple of the Sun. It will rock.

See my progression? With Cory's help I have dove back into DnD completely and am playing again this weekend. Dammit, I am not sure whether to thank you or curse you for this affliction. Ok, well, thank you. I am going to be a Radiant Servant of Pelor. I am sure you might hear your phone ringing sometime soon again.

Chad said...

Cory has massaged and nutured many a lost soul back into to the DnD realm, me included (circa 2002). It can be a bit intimidating at first.

You're playing this weekend?