Saturday, July 05, 2008

Summer in Full Swing in Sioux City

Olivia is 8 months old now. Sitting well, pulling up to stand, crawling all around...
...and pretty adorable too.
Mike and I did the Missouri River Runners 5K today. It was a pretty fun race. Flat, fast and it rained on us the whole race. I kept a 6:45 pace for the run which I was pretty happy with. It got me 2nd in my age group, and Mike finished 1st in his. (I make sure to point out to Mike who was in the 30-35 group and all you other old farts that I still fall in the 20-somethings age bracket. Ok, so maybe for only 2 more months, but still...)
We met up with a couple of other guys we know who did the run too, Jeremy VandeZande and Brian Soenen, a UNI alum, (who happens to be the one and only Tony Cooper's cousin). They entered the Pump 'n' Run side of the race where you get time taken off for benching a certain amount.
Last but not least, Jeremy and I took a kayak trip down the Big Sioux near where it flows into the Missouri River.
It was a good day for kayaking.


Anonymous said...

Holy crap, you're like the Dara Torres of your age group...except it's not swimming...and you didn't get first. OOOHHHH, SNAP! Just kidding, that's a very impressive pace. Congrats on the 500 as well. Maybe you can run to our house for a visit sometime.

Travis said...

I love the Dara Torres reference.

Anonymous said...

hey travis whats up this is jamie gray working with your mom right now thought that I would say

Anonymous said...

I didnt know men could get pregnant (Soenen). Actually those are his own words.