Friday, October 31, 2008

The Final Push- Obama for President

For the most part, ok for the whole part, I lack the rhetoric and wit to write anything inspirational. But I wanted to share a couple of things I came across reading some articles these last few weeks.

I won't spend this time making fun of Palin. That's too easy, like shooting fish from a barrel. Or like chasing wolves with an airplane and gunning them down when they are too tired to run.

I am voting for Obama. I buy into his whole change thing. Sure, I have a few concerns, but I would with any candidate. I am not sure I want too much socialism injected into our country, though I point out McCain voted for the stupid bailout too. I don't think Obama is going to take away our hunting guns. Conversely, I don't think McCain could get Roe vs. Wade overturned. I think a lot of issues like that wash out for me. Here's the thing though, McCain is the same thing we've had. He is everything Washington stands for. Maverick? No.

Not too long ago I thought and told some of my friends that of the Republicans out there I thought McCain was one I really respected and could vote for. He seemed inspirational. He'd had it with dirty politics and negative campaigning. If we didn't stop our partisan bickering, he was going to turn this car around. Well, WHAT HAPPENED?

The last few months have brought about character assassination and political attacks like no other. If McCain had less time attacking Barack, I think he would have been better off. Remember the celeb ad? I loved this tidbit I read in GQ referencing it:

"As character assassination goes, the Celeb-ad was about as subtle as the old pretending-to-cough-while-actually-saying-the-word-asshole trick. But our real problem with it isn't the creepy subtext. It's that Britney and Paris are so politics-of-five-minutes-ago. McCain is fighting a firecrotch war in a topless-Miley Cyrus world. Like, whatevs."

Tell me fellow Wingnuts, why have you waited to release the story about how Obama likes to kick dogs and club baby seals?

One thing that comes up a lot is the tax issue. I don't really see how either candidate is going to not raise taxes to dig us out of this hole, but lets compare. McCain says Obama is going to raise taxes and spread the wealth like a socialist. Here's a great article in the New York Times this week, a study of the tax plans by an independent source, The Tax Policy Center. Below is the jist:

"Independent analyses of the presidential candidates’ tax proposals show that those who make less than $250,000 a year would not see their taxes raised under Senator Barack Obama’s plans. Further, Mr. Obama would generally cut taxes more than Senator John McCain would for households with incomes less than $100,000 a year. Mr. McCain would cut taxes generally on par with Mr. Obama for those making $100,000 to $250,000 a year, the analyses found, but those making $250,000 a year and above would typically pay less in taxes under Mr. McCain."

Ok, fewer than 3% of households make 250,000$. I just don't like the same old Republican ways of giving breaks to the rich. McCain wants to extend Bush's tax cuts for the rich. And big business? On paper their taxes may sound high, but loopholes often require them paying much less. (Here's where I like Ron Paul platform and flat taxes!)

I won't go on and rant and make this post any longer, I don't want you to tune out if you haven't already. But, I want to hear from you. I am calling a few of you out. Tyler, Terry, Mom, Dad, Tim, and a few others- What is McCain going to do for you? How is he going to be good for you? Bad for you? How is Obama going to be good and bad for you? I want to hear both sides, the good and bad or I'll have a hard time thinking you are being objective. I will post my good and bad for both in my comments too.

In the meantime, make sure you get out and vote. On Wednesday morning, I anticipate an Obama victory, but if not, it will be fun to watch McCain ride around on his Rascal. Just make sure someone tells Palin that he needs to have his adult diapers on before they have a tickle party to celebrate.


Leviathan said...

Well, I've already voted for Obama. Fortunately I've got jury duty all Tuesday so I won't have to obsess about the election. At least until I get home late that night.

In my opinion McCain would make a good president, but his top campaign 'advisors' have horribly mismanaged the entire process. Old-school negative ads, blatantly stealing 'change' from Obama's campaign, Palin...the list of missteps goes on and on.

He should have stuck with Mike Murphy, his old advisor from the 2000 election.

A lot of pundits make it seem like the only reason McCain is behind is because of the economic meltdown. That's total BS. The reason he's behind is his campaign was terrible. The biggest trump card McCain had against Obama was experience. Its a valid, true criticism that Hillary effectively used again and again. So what does McCain do? Pick a VP candidate with even less experience than Obama, and under investigation. Absolutely ridiculous.

The campaign wobbled back and forth between strategies EVERY week. Throughout these past few months McCain has meant leadership/proven/tested/maverick, even 'change'. The stock market crashed, that week we heard McCain would cancel his campaign/Letterman appearance/debate to take care of the issue. But then he didn't.

McCain is a good man who let nincompoops run his campaign. Obama, even his adversaries have to admit, has run an excellent marathon-run of a campaign.

Tim said...

Ok lets go the tax route. I for one have never worked for a poor man and I know I never will. My Boss makes 375,000 a year. Does he owe me that money no. But if his taxes go up I cant hold it against him to fire me. And thats just small business. Think of the layoffs we will see just months after these tax increases take place. We are not far from a welfare state the way it is and Obama will just put us there. You know you start paying people for doing nothing then they will not produce a product. Why cant you see this the way I do. You my friend, I love you but you are a fool. I am not saying McCain is right and you know that I think that. But I would rather take one step back then 50.

I also noticed you where talking about hunters guns. You know its not about the hunters its about protecting your family. There are going to be guns on the street no matter what. Obama wants to take guns away from good people that Want to protect there family. So when the bad man breaks into the house and Olivia ask for daddys help there will be none. Because if you try to help her you get shot. But if you have a gun you can protect.
This is the 2nd amendement:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

But I guess Obama thinks the Constitution needs to be tweaked a little bit. But with out this constitution Obama would be a slave right now. Its kinda late right now and I would get into this but Ill bring you more tomorrow.

Leviathan said...

Hi Tim.

Actually, unless your bosses' wife makes as much as he does, from studies I've seen, his taxes won't increase under the Obama plan. They should stay about the same.

I agree that we shoudn't have a welfare state. But where exactly does Obama say he wants us on welfare? Obama's plans (and spending) are focused on specific, issues like health care, retirement, education.

I completely disagree with you on how close we are to a welfare state. Look at Lost Nation, Wyoming, any number of small Iowa communities. Do you see anyone getting free handouts from the government? Do you even see well-maintained roads?

Tyler said...

Seriously, what is obama going to do to for me? Your ranting and raving only 2 days before the final voting day is a desperate cry for help! All that matters to me as that when I voted for McCain today, that it cancelled your vote and when Tim votes, that it will cancel Nicoles vote. Isn't life grand!!!

Tim said...

Hi Leviathan,

Lets take a look at Lost Nation and Wyoming and its welfare state. Now lets think about all the area that we cover what is it that we see the most. Farmland which is ran by a farmer. Well lets take these farmers and lets say they have a year that a flood hits. Ok most of these farmers and still having a high yield. But at the end of the year the still get a gov. check for the flood. Which in my head is welfare and every farmer in the area is on it. I leave off here because I think Ryan would like to add to this topic if he logs on. I dont want to steal his thunder.

Be back in a few beers

Tim said...

Ok lets get down to the questions that Travis asked me. First what is McCain going to do for me? Let me think..............

I hope not a damn thing. I am a big boy and can wipe my own ass. Its time for the people that think some one needs to do something for them to grow up. And the more people that get gov help the less these people will do. I want McCain to make the government smaller, the military stronger and fix the damn roads. They don't need to be in my life and I shouldn't have to care as much as I do. But then the people that like want the hand outs vote for them. What ever happened to pride? What ever happened to real men?

Pride to me is to work hard and feel good about what you did. Its about taking care of your family when they need it. Its about helping others when you can afford to do so. Its funny I hear Travis talking about the cost of heath care and how high it is. But then you see people that get cancer and run benefits and people run to help. We the people have the right to chose and should not be forced to do anything.

Ok lets talk about the rich. Most started at the bottom and worked there way to the top. Blood, sweat, tears and PRIDE! Did you know that 11% of the middle class has just vanished in the past 7 years. Well really they didn't made it to the upper class. They earned there way to the top and now your saying take them out at the knees. Why do I want people like you to shut down people like me? I am a dreamer I want to make a cool mil in a year some day but with Obama's plan I can not ever make it ther because I will be stoped before I make it.

As far as my boss getting taxed more I can no longer say that. Over the weekend he sold the business. He was told this was the time to get out since he had a buyer and the up coming tax hikes where going to hurt him. A smart man I say. Does it hurt me, not yet I still have a job for the moment. And if I lose it I think Travis you owe me half your pay check. I mean its only fair spreed the wealth.

Back in a few more beers

Travis said...

Ok, tact, try not to use Olivia in an example of needing protection. Since you went there, I'll point out I wouldn't have a loaded gun in the house with a child anyway, thats irresponsible. So unless the intruder gives me time to go and unlock the gun cabinet, get the bullets and load the gun, moot point. Situations like that are too highly variable to have any credence in my book. And, if I do have time, I still can load my rifle, shotgun, or permit handgun all the same.

Tim said...

Ok maybe I shouldn't have used Olivia. But I want to put you in the spot light and at the time thats the only thing I could think of. Ok and did I say anything about a loaded gun? No I did not! See your putting words into my mouth. But thats ok. I can handle it. I am sorry for using your family as an example.

But its funny how that ties into "dirty politics". When is the truth dirty? I just dont get it every thing McCain said is true. Is it not true the Obama is a pop culture hero? Because thats all I see him as........Oh and i see a little Karl Marx, socialism and communism.

Now let me ask you a few questions. Why do you need someone to do something for you? Why dont you have pride in what you do? And why have so many men gone soft?

Travis said...

Next point, I am not so sure you should be worried about people losing jobs. In fact, George Bush has already taken care of this for you. With Bush's economical genius our current situation is that plenty will lose jobs anyway.

The example of the 350,000 dollar boss cutting jobs after losing his tax breaks is theoretical, not proven. If McCain wants to continue the current Bush tax breaks to the rich, well, where has it gotten us as of Nov 3rd, 2008?

Travis said...

Also, I'm tired of hearing the socialism comments. Again, I believe, unfounded right wing desperation cries to try to claw any last votes out. Take this quote from Newsweek this week:

"There's little in Obama's background or writings to suggest he favors more-ambitious redistributive policies. His most expensive new social program is an expansion of health-care coverage that would not create a universal entitlement (as many Democrats want to do) and which has been credibly priced at less, or only slightly more, than McCain's plan. There's little reason to think that Obama would depart from the bipartisan consensus that has favored federal spending at approximately the same level for the past 40 years."

McCain also supports redistribution. He supports earned income tax credits for the poor,social security, medicare,and food stamps. All welfare, or "redistribution of wealth". He also suggests tax credits for lower income families for healthcare, another form of redistribution.

I think on some of these issues, we will just have to agree to disagree, because we believe in philosophically different approaches.

Travis said...

"Why do you need someone to do something for you? Why dont you have pride in what you do? And why have so many men gone soft?"

Well, I don't want someone to do anything for me, per se. In fact, under Obama I would pay MORE taxes. Me soft? 24 years of school, and this weekend I did a straight 36 hour shift, actually 37 because of the daylight savings change. I made a lot of money. I am willing to be taxed to help those that need AND deserve it. I work my ass off. I help people every day in my work. My stress level is sometimes so high when my ER is full and more ambulances are rolling in that I am sure it costs me years off my life.

Soft? No. Not me. And I am not for socialism or extending welfare to the lazy and undeserving. I just am not for giving rich people big tax breaks when they already have plenty of loopholes.

I also believe that the people I see in the emergency room that sometimes wait too long to come in because of the money need help. I am talking about working class, working their ass off people. Often people WITH health care insurance. I regularly hear from patients how they get denied to get their bill paid by insurance companies because of loopholes they find. I can give you lots more examples, if you request, but you get my point.

The other way I would answer your question is, "What?". I don't make the connection about the pride/man thing and me asking what will Obama/McCain do for us. When you elect a president, the do DO things for EACH of us. Make policies, defense, economic changes. So, I think you can have pride, be a man, and still objectively state how McCain/Obama in office would affect your life negatively and positively, (ie, hurt and help).

Travis said...

Ok, I have to stop for tonite. This softy, after working from 8pm Saturday night to 8am MONDAY morning, (that's right, 37 hrs) has to get up at 3am to go back to work. What did I do on the 20 hours off I had between 8am Monday and 4am Tuesday? Well, besides sleep, I think SOME of you would be happy to know I canvassed for Obama. This afternnon I knocked on doors for our local Obama Headquarters and made sure people knew where to vote tomorrow. Well, at least the democrats.

Tim said...

I never said you didnt work hard I know you do.

Being a man is part of this. Men wanting hand outs? Single moms with no site of DAD?(Which is no one here but pisses me off) Where are the rest of the responsible people. I am not saying your not responsible. I am saying your wrong. If Obama wins Ill prove he will prove it for me. Not saying McCain is the answer but he wont hurt us as bad. And we know white males still make up most of the voters.

From each, according to his ability; to each, according to his need.
Karl Marx

Wow that sounds like Obama. But hey Karl Marx wasn't a socialism supporter or was he........

Ryan said...

So many hot points to hit and my wandering mind will never be able to touch on them all. I just have to start off saying that I am just plain tired of all of the Obama hype. This man was chosen by the media 2 years ago to lead this country. I am not a conspiracy theorist but it takes a blind eye not to see that he is the media favorite. Second of all, I'm just fed up with all of the eligible voters who are voting for Obama OR Palin based on color or gender. That just drives me nuts. There are so many people out there with the right to vote and pick the leader of the free world that don't even take a minuscule amount of time to educate themselves on the candidates or the topics. I cannot stress enough how irked I get when that happens. The sad part is that most of the electorate is uneducated when it comes to the candidates and the topics that are going to effect my life and my children's life.

I am so very tired of the 2008 election. I am self admittedly not McCain's biggest fan. He was definitely not my first choice. I can agree with him on some things though and he is the republican candidate so I am behind him. Much like Hillary supporters (Travis :)) are behind Obama. I think Barry is a great speaker when he has a teleprompter in front of him but isn't worth a turd otherwise. Obama has become a huge pop culture icon and I cannot believe that so many people have put their trust in him. Joe Biden himself said the the office of President did not lend itself to on the job training.

As far as the rural Jones county area not being a welfare state I agree and disagree. Most people do well for themselves around here. Tim made the comment about farmers so I have to elaborate. If a farmer has a bad year due to weather they get a check from the government to help them out. I work outdoors and my line of work (dirt worker) is dependent on the weather. I had the worst spring/summer I've ever had. Wheres my check?? I wanted to build roads and go to work but rain and flooding stopped me. Once again I ask, wheres my check?? I don't get one nor do I want a hand out. I made the choice to do the work I do and take the ups with the downs. I worked my way out of a pretty big hole in the last decade and am damn proud of it. I loath people that live off of welfare or take advantage of the system. They don't deserve my tax dollars. I work hard for my money and don't want to give it to those that are to lazy to do the same. There are exceptions to the rule but there are a lot more that take advantage.

Just for the record, I think Barry is a closet socialist. He has straight up said he believes in the redistribution of wealth. Joe Biden said "it is patriotic to pay your taxes" speaking about the rich paying more. Why does the United States exist? If memory serves me correctly, the colonists were tired of being taxed to death by the royal crown. The rich kick down their fair share of tax money. Why should they have to pay a higher percentage than anyone else? Its like being punished for being successful. Plus part of their (and our middle class) tax dollars go toward funding programs that give money away to people that don't pay any income tax. I guess I'm anti welfare and pro "get a job and earn your keep".

That was more of a rant than a rebuttal to anything. Its been a while since I have typed anything. Sorry if anybody's eyes got sore in the process.

Bruce (tim's clean articulate friend) said...

First of all, I would like to thank you for the HOPE and inspiration that you have given me by writing this blog and expressing your emotions about HOPE and CHANGE. Emotions are what matter in an election not competency, experience or any such nonsense. I love the way you have taken and used the most fair, non-biased newspaper in all the land to make an educated decision about the future of this nation. I mean it bravo… I am sure am glad that doctors are in charge of saving lives cause I would rather have a Dr. to sit and hold my hand while I die (tear) then to have a well qualified, educated, and EXPERIANCED Dr treat me and make me better. If only all DR’s were real like House.
I was HOPING that someone would get out the facts about taxes and thank you oh holy lord all knowing messiah O-B-A-M-A! but you’re missing some important details: One, any small business who files taxes as a LLC or S-corp. with a COMBINED income of $250,000 would also see a tax increase. That applies to what 97%% of small businesses. (I am just making that number up like you did with the 3%) I mean it’s not like small to medium sized business are the life blood of this economy. I sure HOPE my taxes go up on my employer so that he can’t afford to give a job. If Obama gets elected I can HOPE for that. Two, what exactly has happens to the tax revenue to the federal government when taxes are cut? Anybody… that’s right tax revenue increases when taxes are cut. Why cause people have more money to spend and buy more stuff. I am so smart I should have become a DR. In the mind set of socialist taxes aren’t just ways for the government to make money it’s about taking from those who produce and giving to those who won’t; not can’t, but won’t. Third, and in this writers’ opinion the most important, who really pays the taxes in this country. It’s not like the top 1% pay 39% of all the taxes or the top 25% pay 86% of all the taxes to the federal government or even that the top 50 % of all the great tax payers pay 97% of all the taxes, all of those are up since 2000 (cause of the congresses tax cut a president can’t cut taxes) because when you lower taxes on all Americans not just the ones that don’t pay them, more of the tax burden gets shuffled to the rich.
In my life time you will never see a more uninformed populous about any candidatethen Barack the messiah Obama. As citizens are wooed by docile tones (you have to when a black man speaks to white people) and the charismatic way he speaks while reading from a teleprompter. The media in all its’ glory hides the real Obama. The real messiah is the one who stumbles over words like err and ah and hum, the one who lets his brother live in a hut and his aunt live in the ghetto of Boston. The real; all caring walking on water, black Jesus, wants to change this country to fit his perception of it. He sees this country as the true source for evil in the world and blames the inequality in the world on us. The problem with this country is not that US steals resources from the rest of the world or tax cuts for the wealthy or that we are in Iraq. The problem with this country is that people are either too lazy or forgive me for saying but too stupid to know what makes this country work. This country is great because of one word and that is liberty. Both John McCain and Barack Obama are the antithesis of what this country stands for. Ah but we are on a slippery slope on the way to hell. I would like everyone to faster their seatbelts and bend over cause no matter who wins prepare to take it in the can, dry.
I HOPE I can get one more moment of your time and tell you that I am completely a partisan. Partisanship shows that I have better ideas and not just catchy words on a poster that some stupid girl is holding up after just taken her first semester of college and knows that if she could only touch Barack she would like die. I hate liberalism and any other ism that takes away my god given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness not a guarantee but a fair and equal chance to live the American dream, not the Venezuelan dream or even the Cuban dream. So tomorrow while you are thinking about HOPE and CHANGE. I suggest you hope in one hand and you know what to do in the other and tell me what fills up first because HOPE is for people who have no ideas and CHANGE is nothing but a word that promises exactly the same when it comes to liberalism. Barrack is a dark skinned Jimmy Carter and is only in this race because of race. White guilt it is a bitch. By the way Tim told me to write this cause I am way smarter than him. He said I am DR material. What do you think?

Tim said...

Bruce I told you to read it dick

Travis said...


Anonymous said...

Barack...I thought it was "The Rock"..well either way his wife is hot..He gets my vote.