Thursday, April 30, 2009

K'naan and The Dreaded Swine Flu

The media sure is having a feast on the Swine Flu, eh? I am guessing we'll consider this overblown in a month from now, but maybe I'm wrong. I'm just an ER doc, car wrecks and heart attacks, not epidemiology and infectious disease. For the record though, I am still more scared of an impending social breakdown, cats and dogs sleeping together, zombie attacks and everything else associated with the end of the world when you cross the streams.
On a side note, I still love you little porklets! I used to raise pigs and show them at the fair for 4-H.
More important than the swine flu is the new album I am addicted to:
K'naan, 'Troubador'
Growing up in Somalia, in a district named, "The Lake of Blood" during the Somali Civil War gave him more than a little ammo for his lyrics. If you like hip-hop at all, check this album out. If you want just a sample, download: "Wavin' Flag", "Take a Minute" and "America" (the last featuring Mos Def and Chali 2na from good 'ol Ozomatli!)

If you're too lazy to go check K'naan out, here's a completely different genre that is on my favorites right now- "Tiger Mountain Peasant Song", by the Fleet Foxes, covered by 2 girls who go by 'First Aid Kit'. Chad had this on his blog a while ago, but it's worthy enough to post again.


Tim said...

I am thinking that the swine flu maybe a form of the dreaded T-virus! I have my shot gun ready. All I need is the green and red herbs. And where is that creppy guy that ask what I am buying.

Married to a Proverbs 31 Woman said...

I am never amazed at your ability to find this stuff on the web.
"First Aid Kit?"
Can't wait till they come the Biloxi.


Leviathan said...

I was listening to "All songs considered" - SXSW show. It really makes me want to head down to Austin for four days.