Thursday, May 28, 2009

From Belly to Baby

Day 1

Anna Claire, you just wouldn't flip the right direction, so you entered this world by Cesarean Section. I had seen plenty before, but never from the dad perspective. So many things were going through my head at this point. I thought this turned out to be a really great picture of the first few moments just before we met you.

Day 2

They plopped a little bow on your head today, just like they did with Olivia.
A peach from the start.

Day 3

This is our 3rd day with you, and while you sure look like Olivia, so far you seem much more content. Maybe you can sense we're more relaxed this time, not scared for dear life what we are going to do with a baby. Either way, a good start for all of us, and in less than a day we head home!


Leviathan said...

Travis, you took some great pictures of your new daughter. I can't believe you had the wherewithal to a.) bring a camera and b.) grab it and take a picture of Anna moments before she was born.

That first pic is great.

Personally, for me, after experiencing birth first-hand I like the old fashioned "Dad waits out in the lobby" approach.

Leviathan said...

Next word verification - peehoofe

jiveturkey9000 said...

I have to agree with Chad. That first photo should be entered in a contest or something. Beautiful baby and moment.