Saturday, April 08, 2006

Nostalgia in the form of Garbage Pail Kids

My parents moved to a new house and as such asked me to come by and get my stuff that I have been storing in their old house. It had been a long time since I had gotten them out. Pure beauty. I used to be obsessed about Garbage Pail Kids, or as those in the know call them, GPK. I have about 1,000 cards, some large ones, those little puffy stickers and 1 poster. I used to have a plastic toy garbage can that you could push a button and Ashcan Andy would pop out of. Not sure what happened to him.

I took a couple pics here to share. Remember how each card had a cousin? You can see to the right, Vile Kyle and Disgustin' Justin are the same card with different names. Tyler Sievers was my best friend in 4th grade, and we thought it was cool that our Garbage Pail Kid Cards were cousins, (Travelin' Travis and Flat Tyler, a kid squished on a tire). Anyway, thought some of you might have had a few of these. If you still have them stored somewhere, I am always in the market for the original ones, especially the series 1-4.

They also have a website where you can make your own animated GPK and email it to someone. I think Cullen would really like this.


brando said...

Yeah, you sent me one. It was "boogerface brandon" or something.

Paul said...

I was "Mauled Paul", where I had been mauled by an animal, or "Plaque Paul", where my severed head was mounted on a plaque.

They were also banned from my elementary school. I never actually had any of my own (unless my friends gave them to me) because there's no way in hell my parents would ever buy anything like that for me.

Do you suppose those are worth money now? I wonder how much?

brando said...


muncher said...

Me and my brother used to have a bunch but this neighborhood girl stole them. I don't care though; you can't tap them for mana.

Travis said...

The prices really vary. The first series cards are worth the most. A full set of the 1st series in mint condition can go for a few hundred bucks, ~300 from what I have seen. But by the time you get to 4th series, each set is only worth about 20-30 dollars.

I bid on a uncut sheet of the 2nd series last night on ebay, my max bid was 25.00. It went for 60.00

tony said...

Travis do you prefer uncut?

I think "Malled Paul" would be a much more frightening and digusting garbage pail kid than "Mauled Paul". He could be next to his extremely crabby wife (nothing seems to fit today) and he'd be loaded down with bags from Old Navy, Express, and the Gap. Ok, I have to stop typing before I start giving myself nightmares.