Thursday, August 24, 2006

Will it Sink or Will it Float, Part 2: Beagles?

I have taken Daisy to the Res. and to Lake McBride which is right by my house several times and she had shown me no inclination that she can swim. My brother just threw his dog in the water for the test, it swam, but now is scared of water, so I didn't want to do that with Daisy. So, I got her a life jacket, (I know, pathetic), and just figured when she is ready she will swim.

So, we went out on the kayak, and she was scared, until we hit a big wave and she fell in. First, instant panic, then, "Oh wait, I float, this isn't so bad" She got back on the kayak and was relaxed the rest of the time and would go back and forth from the front to the back checking out stuff. Then Thomas, Daisy and I went out in a canoe and just canoed around Lake McBride. It is very peaceful out there, really a great afternoon.

Other notes of interest:
ABC news just reported some elitist, double planet hating scientists have just demoted Pluto from planet status in the face of the IAU new recommendations. This is clearly prejudice against Pluto for its size and status as a 'double planet' which makes some Plutophobes uncomfortable. More on this later.
Critical Hit Games...

A new gaming store is open in Iowa City, (actually in Coralville, on my way home from work, I pass it every day, uh-oh). The gaming itch grows... The store is by far the best gaming store I have been in. It has great organization, a board for posting meeting times for certain groups, tables for MTG, Pirates, and miniature games. It also has a great junk food and pop selection. Suddenly I feel like I am ready to gear up with Quinn, Marcus and Manji-Sahib and tear up some owl-bears. Ahhhh.


Paul said...

it has pirates? like...on staff?

that's awesome.

Travis said...

I meant the game Pirates, but maybe they should have pirates on staff. That's extra points, unless they rape and pillage me.

Tony said...

It's hard to imagine being in a canoe with Daisy as being peaceful. Was she big enough to rock the boat?

Travis said...

If she jumped around too fast on the kayak it would rock a little bit, but in the canoe it really didn't matter. After she fell in though, she got pretty relaxed and just was constantly looking for birds. There were a lot of herons out there to entertain her.

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone-


muncher said...

Will it Sink or Will it Float, Part 3: Transients that no one will miss?