Sunday, August 20, 2006

Without the Shadow- Nothing

When I read that quote it really stuck with me. I found out it could have a lot of meaning that I didn't initially comprehend. I read it in the context of that 'If the eyes sow no tears the soul can know no joy', or basically that through life's struggles we come into more fulfillment and can be happier than before. I have come to truly believe this more than ever.

I found out that in Japan shadow has a different meaning. They have a saying, (Paul help me here if I screw it up), or rather a reply to how you are doing, “Hai, Okagesama de”, which means I am fine, I am under the shadow. Kage means shadow, (Ahhhh, NES game Legend of Kage anyone?), but this saying more means, Yes, I am protected by the Gods.
-'For the one without a shadow, love and success will always remain illusive.' - Gaku Homma

As for the pictures, Daisy found this pleasantly creepy praying mantis and wasn't sure what to think of it. It would turn it's head to look at me no matter where I stood. Mmmm. Also, I was going to make a shirt of my picture of muncher's picture of him wearing a shirt with my picture on it, but I couldn't find where I put my iron ons.


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muncher said...

I look tough when I'm all blue and have giant wings.

Paul said...

Murakami Haruki (last name first), one of my favorite authors, does a lot of shit with shadows, especially in Hard Boiled Wonderland at the End of the World. I demand that you a) buy it b) gimme ur address and I'll give you an early xmas present. (I love givin people books.) His books are a little off the wall, but they're amazing all the same. Either way, yeah, Japanese use the shadow thing a lot.

You're right: hai, okagesama de is a response to "are you healthy?" (ogenki desu ka), which is a common greeting. it's really formal though and I only say it when I'm looking for a cheap giggle. "okage de" or "in the shadow (of)" is also used for like "Thanks to Travis I'm xxxxx". like at my academy, they might say "congrats on getting promoted" and i'd say, literally, " everyone's shadow" meaning "Thanks to everyone."

cyberninja said...

The Shadow Falls

Check it out Travis, click on one of the movie trailers on the right. Fan-made movie about the rpg coming out soon (premiered at GenCon). Not too shabby looking, if you ask me.

Travis said...

Paul- thanks for the book recommendation- we have a great used book store that has a ton of stuff and I am going to check for it there.

Travis said...

Cory- I am pretty impressed for a fan-made movie. I will watch it. I did laugh though when the fireball shot out of Legget's (sp?) hand.

Sounds like a cool RPG.