Saturday, April 08, 2006

Nostalgia in the form of Garbage Pail Kids

My parents moved to a new house and as such asked me to come by and get my stuff that I have been storing in their old house. It had been a long time since I had gotten them out. Pure beauty. I used to be obsessed about Garbage Pail Kids, or as those in the know call them, GPK. I have about 1,000 cards, some large ones, those little puffy stickers and 1 poster. I used to have a plastic toy garbage can that you could push a button and Ashcan Andy would pop out of. Not sure what happened to him.

I took a couple pics here to share. Remember how each card had a cousin? You can see to the right, Vile Kyle and Disgustin' Justin are the same card with different names. Tyler Sievers was my best friend in 4th grade, and we thought it was cool that our Garbage Pail Kid Cards were cousins, (Travelin' Travis and Flat Tyler, a kid squished on a tire). Anyway, thought some of you might have had a few of these. If you still have them stored somewhere, I am always in the market for the original ones, especially the series 1-4.

They also have a website where you can make your own animated GPK and email it to someone. I think Cullen would really like this.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Working the night shift...

Ok, Brando will know who this guy is immediately. Anyone else know? He also now is a spokesperson for a lock company.

I am working the night shift and had a chance to Blog since its slow. I read Eric's Blog. Eric, my brain doesn't function in a manner to let me respond to your questions. I need things like, "Who is better, Cory at video games or Brandon firing a rifle? Discuss". I promise I will try though.

I got a promotion for my last year of residency, which equals I have more work to do. As such, I feel I already am lacking in my Blog post frequency. I am going to keep blogging and will be reading all yours, but I will probably be blogging less. I do owe you a quiz I promised though, and I want to do it just right, so be patient and I will have it soon.

Also, we should start finalizing some plans for the SuperChad Bachelor Party Extravaganza. Anybody know where we can get a bus/big van, 2 strippers and a goat? Ok, seriously though about the bus/van. And the goat. No strippers.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Done with the PICU

I finished the PICU this week. My last night I was on call, a 30 hour shift, and I grabbed a photo of the skeleton crew on with me to share with you all. I like how Paul takes photos of stuff he is doing and gives a glimpse of what is going on with his life, even if just a snapshot, so I think it will be fun to do the same from time to time. I am somewhat limited from the best pics however, due to patient confidentiality and ethics.

The PICU, (pediatric intensive care unit), was a cool place to work for a month, but I am glad as hell to be done with it. The hours suck. If I were a single guy though, I would milk it, example: Buddy in front of random girls, "Travis tell me what you did today." Me, "Oh I helped saved dying babies lives".
In reality though, it is way different than ER medicine. We had kids with congenital defects not equivalent with life, but humans have figured out ways to give them surgery and save them. You could theorize that it goes against the whole darwinism concept, but some kids can grow up to be entirely normal otherwise. I had one baby, which I really wish I could show you the video I made of for our ER video library, that after surgery had its chest OPEN. I mean lying on the bed, literally with a 6 inch gap in the middle of its chest with a piece of sterile saran wrap over its heart. You could stand there and watch its heart beating. It has to stay open for a couple of days after the heart surgery, and then they can close it. Its straight mad scientist shit.
ok, i am going to bed. like joe horn says, walk easy.