Monday, February 12, 2007

The Nature of Things

Exhibit A
You can see here in Exhibit A a beagle forced to wear a christmas sweater and pose in front of the Christmas Tree. Despite her photogenicity, the fact is she is a beagle. This means she would much rather be outside rolling in something dead or chasing rabbits.

Exhibit B Revenge


brando said...

Christmas pictures in Feb? What the deuce?

Paul said...


beagles are so cute.

that picture reminds me of this.

Travis said...

"… what is your damage?"

I laughed hard at the whole article, but for some reason especially that part.

Travis said...

Brando, I know, a little slow on the picture processing. I just finally pulled off my pics for the last 2 months from my camera. By the way, do you have pics from Christmas Circle? I was so sick that night I don't think I took any. Probably I wasn't in any either b/c people didn't want to catch whatever I had.

brando said...

I don't think I took many or any either.

Tony said...

Paul that link is the funniest thing I've seen in quite sometime. Especially given that I have a chihuahua that I sometimes put in clothes.