Saturday, February 17, 2007

Great Interview on Colbert Report....

Colbert is great at what he does. The guy who wrote the book claims liberals are the root cause of 9/11. It amazes me that someone can actually maintain a position like that. He is probably right though. I bet liberals are the cause of 9/11, and terrorism everywhere. Liberals are probably the cause of starvation in Africa, Global Warming and the recent death of any of your pets.


Timah said...

Colbert cracks me up. He is great at his role. This interview has been all over the blogosphere.

Mike said...

They are also responsible for my influenza A. And all the taxes I owe.

Big Wille Styles said...

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True Dat said...

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Chad said...

Liberal has turned into a blanket term for anyone you dislike. Like 'gay', 'douchebag', or 'peltgrande'.

Travis, dressing Daisy in a holiday outfit is SO liberal.

Just kidding. Your dog's hot.

Paul said...

I'm not really sure why someone would go on Colbert Nation and expect serious discourse. Do they ever watch the show before going on? Did you see the one where he had jane fonda and some feminist author on his show, and he made them cook dinner during the interview? And you can tell the guests are always getting really irritated with him. It's awesome.

That's the thing about going toe-to-toe with someone like Colbert (or heckling a standup comic) -- you're not going to win. Being fast on their feet [verbally] is their job, and they're going to be better at it than you are.

Not that I disagree with the author completely... Anyone who has spent any time outside of the USA sees what side of the USA is "exported" out, but I don't think it's possible to "export" what he's saying is "good american culture" because people will just ignore it. It's nothing to get outraged over, so why bother?

All this infighting has to stop. It's time someone acknowledged the real culprits in the mess in the middle east -- THE BRITS.

Mary said...

I enjoyed how Colbert and the author were able to work in FDR's indirect role in 9/11. Of course, I knew it! FDR.
I suppose the interview also then explains the untimely death of my guinea pig, Presto.

nedric said...

Aren't you a liberal? Since you are the cause, and since it is so obvious that you have free will and a soul (how else would we be able to determine your guilt?), you therefore have the power to stop killing my pets.

She said, "You're only sixteen. You don't have a rep yet."
-Parents just don't understand

Travis said...

Paul, do you really think the Brits are the culprits? I mean, yes, sure, they're involved, but Canada is running the show. Everyone knows that.

Paul said...

yes, the brits are to blame. theyre the ones who drew arbitrary lines ignoring ethnic boundries and put the weakest, angriest factions (because they were the only ones who would help them) in power!! theyre the original culprits!

cyberninja said...

I disagree. Even though the brits drew arbitrary borders to emphasize racial hatred between sects and maintain a weakend and easily-controlled nation, its actually the Saxons who are to blame.

The Saxons and their germanic paganism in th fifth century AD resulted in a destabilized collection of city-states throughout the Frankish kingdom, and therefore the requirement of Charlemagne to conquer them took important government funding away from inital middle east diplomacy (Crusades). That precious time lost has nearly cost us Iraq.

Paul said...


well, in that case, i blame jesus, who put all the oil over there, which turned a bunch of backwater nerf herders into hood-rich terrorist funders in too short of time for them to catch up.

you see, dea-yaah, theyyuh NEW moneh.

Haze said...

So again, Cyberninja, the root cause is witches. We obviously did't burn enough of them.

Many socio-political ills can be traced back to witches. The UN, Iran-Contra, greenpeace. Give me an ill, and I will give you a witch.