Saturday, April 28, 2007

Two Artists I never want to hear again...Dave Matthews and Eddie Vedder

Many of my friends like these guys. I know, maybe they had a huge influence on their genre of music and multiple other bands. I don't care. I only listen to XM radio anymore, and there must be a lot of late 20's to late 30-somethings that listen to XM also, as Pearl Jam and Dave Matthews get a lot of play. With Matthews, it may be overexposure. Sure, I ran around singing "What would you say?" over and over in my head happily for a while, but why couldn't Dave Matthews fade into obscurity like the guy who sang 'Rock Me Amadeus'? (Ok, so Falco couldn't hold Dave's jock, but I still wish I had never heard the next 10 years of Matthews that I have.)

I do feel like I should like Matthews. I listen to Ben Folds, Modest Mouse, Sublime, Eels, and never grow tired of them. Even years after many of the same sounds. But to me, every Matthews song is the same, every album the same and it has become UBER-annoying. Matthews is the pot-smoking fraternity guys Phish, and since I was never in a fraternity and don't smoke pot, maybe that's why I can't identify.

As far as Pearl Jam, I have no specific reason. I never really got into them, and Eddie Vedder's voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me now. There were times in the past where I like a few Pearl Jam songs, and even loved the Yield album, but I just can't do it anymore Eddie, sorry.


The Chad said...

I never liked all. I only like the early Pearl Jam stuff.
Give me the Boss, Spinal Tap, Hendrix, Skynard...those all rock in my book.

Paul said...

i hear ya. i was never into dave matthews either. his stuff is way too peppy and frenetic.

the main reason i like the pearl jam is because my eddie vedder impersonation is famous worldwide. singing rap songs in eddie vedder's voice = instant peels of laughter.

Travis said...

Can you make a video of you doing Eddie Vedder rap songs and put it on your blog. I would just come over to see it, but Japan is kinda far.

Paul said...

too bad, i only do live shows. you're gonna hafta come out. brando's pretty down with this place, he can be a tourguide.