Saturday, June 09, 2007

EM Graduation 2007

Finally- My last graduation?

I haven't been on the internet much, so I apologize if I have seemed absent from the blog and KoC scene. The next few months are going to be a whirlwind. Nicole and I sold the house, and will be moving to Sioux City. I also will be finishing up my last shifts in the ER at the University. Last night we had our graduation ceremony, here are some pics and our video. We had the reception in the Kinnick Press box, pretty sweet diggs for the gathering.


cyberninja said...

Congratulations Travis! How many times do you have to graduate from Medical School anyway? Jeepers creepers, they really like to milk you guys for all you're worth, huh?

Its no small feat graduating from ER school, and I know because I've watched ER and Grey's Anatomy and those places are awash in contrived sexual tension rearing its head during surgical procedures on insanely unusual medical conditions.

"He's got a hot can of baked beans lodged in his brain pan from the accident at the hog rodeo and we've got to get it out, right now! Also, I've always loved you, let's go make out in the break room."

Paul said...

congrats!! does your life stop completely sucking now or what? do you get to walk around with a cane and make racist and sexist comments like doctor house? what a great job.

Travis said...

Thanks guys. Yeah, I hope this is the last graduation. For some reason our residency didn't have all the crazy Gray's Anatomy action.

I do think a cane would be a cool signature to have. With a pimp hat and a giant gold chain that says Parnelli in gold.

brando said...

Congrats big guy. Hilly trail is gotta happen soon.