Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My last few weeks in Iowa City...

The countdown is on. I only have a few more weeks in Iowa City before we head out. We are kind of nomadic right now, and Hilary and Chad have been kind enough to share their home with us until we are in Sioux City officially, so I will only be intermittently posting any pics or visiting blogs. But I will try to throw on some things going on in the last adventures here in Iowa City for a while.
Chad had his thirtieth birthday, and brought in the 30's by having a great show with Eric at The Mill in Iowa City.

Daisy and Gizmo rest after a brief doggy wrestlemania.
Nicole and I took Hilary's dad's Porsche Cayman for a drive. Sweet.


muncher said...

" I will only be intermittently posting any pics..."

Well after the flurry of posts you've been making it's going to be quite a shock to the system for you to post intermittently.

cyberninja said...

Totally. I don't know what I'll do when I can't get my monthly update from the Peltgrande Blogger.

Seriously though, happy birthday Chadwick. Glad to see photographic evidence that Eric is still alive too.

Have a good move Travis. Remember to take your shotgun and a mirror in case the mists follow you to Sioux City.

Paul said...

corgi's are among the cutest dogs ever, but i cant help but wonder if their little legs are the result of some briton's cruel sense of humor.

Travis said...

Man, I am impressed that on the same day I posted these you guys saw them. For bi-weekly posters like me, that is some true friendship.

I will definitely have precautions set for the fog. My only question is if their may be new entities/rules for the Sioux City area. Maybe fog in Western Iowa has a SR I don't know about. I may need a specialist consult from the west coast.

Also, does anyone know if it is true that bugbears are much more common in the Missouri River Valley area? This is another concern of mine as I start to discover the running trails there.

Travis said...

Paul- Corgi's are cute. Gizmo really likes Daisy, and has kind of become her protector. Chad and Hilary had a visiting Corgi from Hilary's parents named Sachi, and Sachi went Cujo on Daisy. She got out of the skirmish with minor bleeding. But now it seems like Gizmo is kind of protective of Daisy.

cyberninja said...

Yeah, I think western Iowa fog may have a SR as high as 17, so you'll need to make sure you focus when you attempt the dispelling.

Hobgobblins are more common in the Kahokia area I think than Bugbears, but since Bugbears are a race that can take PC levels, any you do meet will likely be pretty formidable.