Monday, September 03, 2007

Hawkeyes at Soldier Field

Hawkeyes versus NIU at Soldier Field

View from outside Soldier Field
Mike and Ann came out from Maine and were able to part from their pet lobster for a few days in ChicagoMe, Trigger, Kyle, Mike and Sam
UI Med School Reunion
Nicole and I heading into the game

We had box seats, our own suite for the game. Catered, air-conditioned, 3 TV's with the other college games on. It was a pretty sweet way to watch the game.

Sam and Mer in our suite. The suite worked out extra well since both Nicole and Merideth are 32 weeks pregnant. The air-conditioning and our own bathroom made the game much easier for them.

Sam, Mike and I
Hawk Band just prior to kickoff. It was a great game, Hawks won 16-3. Defense looked good, the offense scared me a little. We'll see.

These last pics are just of the big shiny metallic bean in Millenium Park in Chicago. Nicole and I walked back to the Hotel after the game through Grant Park and Millenium Park. It was a beautiful afternoon, and those are great parks with lots to look at when you are country folk like us. This shiny spaceship was our favorite.


cyberninja said...

There's a lot of arm-over-shoulder buddy-ness going on in those pictures. Do you guys just stand around like that all the time when you are talking to one another? Must really block traffic in the hospital hallways when you guys run into eachother at work.

The flight of the navigator bean is cool, but did you not see the giant 1984 faces that spit water at the crowd not 25 yards away? Those're cool too.

Sophie Maia House said...

Great pictures from Chicago. Wow- you had a suite! How perfect! Sounds like a great atmosphere. The Hawk defense looked great, but I'd like to see a more dynamic offense. I'm afraid it will be another 500 season.

Travis said...

I didn't see the 1984 faces spitting water.

Mary said...

It's sooo nice you and your med school buddies could get together for a reunion! It must have been great to catch up on the last 12 weeks since your graduation (see June 9 post

Travis said...

Mary- Ahh, it's cute you think med school and residency are the same thing. Haven't you watched Scrubs?

Sam and Kyle and I went to MEDICAL SCHOOL together, which was over 3 years ago. Otherwise, you are right, it was great to catch up, Kyle lives in Miami and Sam in San Antonio, so I don't get to see them too often.

Mary said...

Travis: I hate Scrubs.