Saturday, September 22, 2007

Tyler and Jess' Wedding (and a Flan Castle)

Tyler had his wedding a few weeks ago. Wanted to share some pics. To get to a whole bunch more, and a lot better quality ones, you can see all the pics over at Tony's Link to the right, or click HERE.
2 down, 1 to go, Terry...
Paul has a good handle on how to grab the camera.
The Camera Man. Excellent photos. Excellent friend. Excellent Male Dancer.
I don't think I ever got these posted from before. When Nicole and I stayed with Chad and Hilary this summer, Chad decided he wanted to make a Castle of Flan. So, he did.
Here is the proud engineer.
Here I am, just after a run, digging in to the Flan Castle. My main role in the fruition of this project was getting it out of the castle mold, and eating it.


cyberninja said...


Custard castles are all the rage, especially at weddings.

Tyler is married? Holy crapola! Run Terry, RUN!

PS: You know you can rotate pictures with just the default Windows Picture and Fax viewer, right? Unless Vista doesn't have it or somesuch.

Travis said...

The non rotating was pure laziness. Sad.

I like flan.