Saturday, October 27, 2007

Late QB move by KF

In a surprising move by KF and KOK, Daisy "Dizzle" aka DVB has replaced Jake Christiansen as QB vs MSU today. She was seen wearing Drew Tate's old number 5 at practice. Look for more precise passing and fewer sacks today with her in the pocket. Also look for really confused MSU players.

I found some old pics from an SD card that were fun to look at. This is Diz right after we brought her home. No new news on the baby front. The due date is Halloween, so any day now. I will post pics as soon as we have them!Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

From the AP:
"Jake 'The Rabbit' Nose Wiggler to start for MSU."
Staff Writer Jamie Steen
MSU Daily

In a surprise move, MSU is starting Jake "The Rabbit" Nose Wiggler at defensive tackle. This in response to the late change at Iowa Quarterback.

“Diz”, “the Dizzle”, or simply “D”, has traditionally been known to have a strong arm, a loud cadence voice, and the ability to make good decisions under pressure. Unfortunately, she has been known to run for the sidelines at the sight of a corndog, and flip on her back at the prospect of a belly rub.

Look a duel between “Diz” and “The Rabbit,” for a lot of howling at QB, and even a chase into the locker room.

Travis said...

Game Report:

Just after the Diz ran through the tunnel she saw Nose Wiggler and began chase. Neither were seen the remainder of the game.

There was question about the move, but I think she could have matched Jake Christiansen's pathetic stat line:

24 yds
Comp % 25.0
Passer Rating = 41.8

Kyle said...

JC was terrible on Saturday.