Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Third Generation, Coming Soon

As I sit here in the ER at 230am, checking over a few pics Tony has, I realized I am going to be adding one human to the earth soon. More importantly to me, to my house. Kind of gives me a little bit of that 'oh crap' feeling. I really like this photo of Dad, Ty, Terry and I from the Ty's wedding. We'll add the first 3 gen shot pretty soon. Nicole and I went to the OB today, baby's head is down and we are at 37 weeks. Coming soon!


Tony said...

That's a wonderful picture. It looked really nice on my site before you stole it too. You'll be hearing from my lawyer soon.


Travis said...

If you saw my story below, I did give you cred for all the pics. Tyler and Jess love the pics. You exceeded their expectations. By the way, thanks for the address, you should be getting a present in the mail.