Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Hawkeyes were sick yesterday.

It was the ugliest game I have seen by the Hawkeyes in a while. The boo birds came out in Kinnick. I am ok with that. There was a debate on the boards about booing. Some for and some against. I like this quote arguing that booing is your right, and ok:
Originally posted by luvmyhawks: "What in the hell is going on with all the coddling of these football player's? Give me an effing break. Look, the entire team, coaches and player's deserved to be booed today. Can't handle the heat, go to Akron. Good lord."

Another: "I've never boo'd but I see no problem with people doing it. I don't want to hear the argument that these are just kids. College football is big business and the NCAA, Conferences, coaches have turned it into that. We now have the Big Ten Network so they can make more money and get more exposure. It's to bad the players are caught up in the middle of the business, but they are. College football can't have it both ways, where they have millions of fan (spending millions of dollars), but then the fan's shouldn't boo because it's not nice. Coaches are making millions of dollars and treated like kings. I highly doubt the boos upset them (except for the coach at OSU).The day the coaches are working for free, the games are free, and the players are not on scholarship, that's the day we should not be booing. "

I agree with Bio Hawk. If a player gets upset to the point of not being able to play because the players are booing the program he is playing for, then he isn't cut out for division 1 football. If he can't handle that, then how can he handle blitzing linebackers? This isn't a division III school where the players are giving up spare time to play, this is division I. If you can't handle booing, there's plenty of division II or III schools you can play at.

I am not for booing for the most part. But I certainly think people have the right too boo and voice their displeasure at the shoddy play and coaching we have seen this year. Jake was miserable. The O-Line was miserable. KOK's play calling was miserable. We may not have top 10 team talent, but we have more talent recruited to Iowa the last few years than teams we are losing to. I understand the boos, if nothing else.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Tyler and Jess' Wedding (and a Flan Castle)

Tyler had his wedding a few weeks ago. Wanted to share some pics. To get to a whole bunch more, and a lot better quality ones, you can see all the pics over at Tony's Link to the right, or click HERE.
2 down, 1 to go, Terry...
Paul has a good handle on how to grab the camera.
The Camera Man. Excellent photos. Excellent friend. Excellent Male Dancer.
I don't think I ever got these posted from before. When Nicole and I stayed with Chad and Hilary this summer, Chad decided he wanted to make a Castle of Flan. So, he did.
Here is the proud engineer.
Here I am, just after a run, digging in to the Flan Castle. My main role in the fruition of this project was getting it out of the castle mold, and eating it.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Baby Girl Brownell Coming Soon....

She is 32 weeks in the making, and will be joining us soon! We had a 3D ultrasound today which was really fun. We got to see her face, little hands and feet. It is pretty weird when you start seeing a little person in there. Here's a little clip of the ultrasound, and if I get my printer/scanner hooked up I can put a few of the still images up too. I knew you would love this, mom!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Hawkeyes at Soldier Field

Hawkeyes versus NIU at Soldier Field

View from outside Soldier Field
Mike and Ann came out from Maine and were able to part from their pet lobster for a few days in ChicagoMe, Trigger, Kyle, Mike and Sam
UI Med School Reunion
Nicole and I heading into the game

We had box seats, our own suite for the game. Catered, air-conditioned, 3 TV's with the other college games on. It was a pretty sweet way to watch the game.

Sam and Mer in our suite. The suite worked out extra well since both Nicole and Merideth are 32 weeks pregnant. The air-conditioning and our own bathroom made the game much easier for them.

Sam, Mike and I
Hawk Band just prior to kickoff. It was a great game, Hawks won 16-3. Defense looked good, the offense scared me a little. We'll see.

These last pics are just of the big shiny metallic bean in Millenium Park in Chicago. Nicole and I walked back to the Hotel after the game through Grant Park and Millenium Park. It was a beautiful afternoon, and those are great parks with lots to look at when you are country folk like us. This shiny spaceship was our favorite.