Monday, March 24, 2008

Operation Rescue Daisy and Star Wars Easter Eggs

Easter weekend was a big one at the Brownell household in Sioux City, IA. My parents, aka proud new grandparents came to Sioux City for the weekend. Olivia had her baptism. It went great, and her godfather, Mike has all the details and pictures here. Also, Nicole put up some baptismal shots on Olivia's page too. We made sure to get some Easter egg coloring in too, and since I got to pick the coloring kit, out, well, you can see the results above.
For all you out there that know my dad, Brad, isn't this funny to see? He does great with Olivia.

Cake shot.

Olivia post baptism photo op. With all the grandparents. She went from crying baby to happy child of God after the water was poured on her head. Mike and Jenni Galles, are OGB's godparents.
Last but not least, especially by her standards, is Daisy. Also known as Dizzle. On Sunday I decided to let her run off leash in our back yard because my parents dog, Lady, a lab was running around. If Lady can run around off leash, so can Daisy. Again, my mistake. Daisy is a wonderful dog, but she has a few issues. One of those is a legitimate psychiatric diagnosis of R.O.D., or Rabbit Obsession Disorder.
So, off she goes, not to play with Lady, but to head for our deck where rabbits apparently have secret meetings that she knows about. We have this large step off the deck, and it is just mainly rock underneath it with a space much too small for Daisy. Or at least kind of. She went to this little crack, flattened out in a way I thought not possible, and squirmed and flailed her legs until she disappeared underneath the wood. To make a long saga short, the next 30 minutes involved her becoming completely lodged, lots of howling, me shoveling rock out from under the deck and pulling a semi scared and muddy beagle out from the little rabbit crawlspace. She then got an impromptu bath and shivered for 2 hours despite the blanket wrap pictured above. Gotta love Diz.


muncherw said...

Congrats on the baby baptism!

Married to a Proverbs 31 Woman said...

I thought Daisy was doing her Emperor impersonation to go along with the Star Wars theme.


Anonymous said...

Hallelujah. Glad to hear the cleansing went well. I'm already nervous about standing in front of a congregation for our kid's baptism and it's not even born yet. What a puss. Did Daisy even get a taste of hot rabbit meat?