Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Doughnut Run

If you read my last post, I mentioned the Doughnut Run coming up. Well, here we are, Mike and I pre-race. This was a 5K where you eat as many doughnuts as you can and get time deducted for each doughnut you eat. Mike has some good pics as well.
Here are the top 3 results:
Fastest adjusted time - Male
Steve Stenzel (15 doughnuts eaten)
Brad Shipman (20 doughnuts eaten)
Travis Brownell (15 doughnuts eaten)
Here's all the RESULTS

Here's my post race hardware. 3rd place for doughnut adjusted time, not bad.

Feeling a little nauseated crossing the finish line.

This is the stick Paul Brady pinned to my shoulder before the race. He said the stick wanted to see the course. So it did.


Chad said...

Congrats on your awesome 3rd place finish.

..so how many doughnuts did you eat?

Muncher said...

Probably would have come in at least 2nd if you didn't have that stick slowing you down. Curse you, Paul!

Travis said...

I ate 15 Krispy Kreme's. Original glazed style.

Travis said...

My strategy was run hard for 2 miles, then eat as many doughnuts as I could in the last mile. So, my last mile was roughly: -100 calories for 1 mile, +3000 calories of Krispy Kremes, (200 cal/doughnut). Net, +2900 calories in my last mile of the race. Mmmm.

Tony said...

Congrats Travis, you just passed the prequalification exam to become an Ames police officer.

Don't worry about all those calories it's my scientific opinion that you saturated your ability to absorb any of those calories after about doughnut number 8.