Monday, May 05, 2008

SIOUXperman Sprint Triathalon

I survived my first sprint triathalon. Joe Liewer and I headed up to Sioux Center Saturday morning, with temps in the 30's. A little chilly, but got nicer as the morning went on. It was a total blast, and left me wanting to do more. We swam 300 meters, then biked 15.6 miles, (25K) and then ran 3.1 miles, (5K). My swim was better than I expected, and my run went great, but I got destroyed on the bike. I was pretty ignorant of how this all goes down, so having Joe there who had done some before helped. We had a big indoor transition area where you put your bike and gear that you change into from swim to bike and bike to run. They also take a big permanent black marker and write your race number on both legs and arms, which I thought was strange, but sort of a badge of honor.

Pre race pose.
I finished in 101st place out of 236 individuals, (there were about 300 total, but some were teams.) I was pretty happy with that with it being my first, though I think I can make up a lot of time on the bike. It's monday morning now, and I am still moving a little slow, but it's a good hurt. Back on the bike tomorrow, I have to pedal a lot more hours before I catch up to Joe on the bike.
Biking action photo.


Bryan said...

You will be a true and tried triathalete when you shave all your body hair.

Tim said...

I still hate u

Travis said...

tim, i love you.