Thursday, May 22, 2008

Visit to Wyoming

Olivia, Nicole and Daisy and I made it back to Eastern Iowa for the weekend. Good to be back to the farm. This was a shot on a beautiful day from behind mom and dad's house.

This photo is special for a couple of reasons. This was the first time Olivia and her great-grandparents had met. A 4 generation shot.

Olivia with her Great Grandma Baldwin

OGB and Great Grandma and Grampa Baldwin

Here's OG checking great gramps out for the first time.

Daisy also got to meet her first kitten. Curious but cautiously she sniffed the little guy over good.

Daisy and Charlie, Terry's dog chillin' in the front lawn.

Mom dug out my old walker, and OG gave it a try.

I think Lindsay is one of Daisy's favorites. When they stayed with us, Daisy was Lindsay's shadow.

Mom found out how OG loves to bounce now. Lots of bouncin. And bouncin. And bouncin.

Tyler got back from his UAV schooling in Arizona, and so on our way home we got a quick stop in Waterloo for Olivia and Tyler's first meeting as well. This is the first time we have had a chance to see Tyler since he left for Arizona last fall. He now has his wings and can fly drone planes! I will get some pics coming up of his graduation, it was pretty cool.

Public Notice: Tim Rushford has agreed to run the Rustic Run on July 18th, 2008.

I have a new camera, and under Tony Cooper's guidance am attempting to beef up my photography skills. Here I got artsy with a close up of a bee.


Tim said...

No No No No No No No No No!!!!!

Travis said...

Come on Timmay! Doesn't the rustic run sound nice?

Tony F said...

If that happpens do i get a hold of ticket master or can I walk up and buy..Kind of afraid an event like this will sell out.

Travis said...

Ticketmaster is awaiting official confirmation. Tix should be available by July 1st.