Thursday, March 23, 2006

Erin McKeown Show

I found out Erin McKeown was playing last night at The Mill, so Chad and I got tickets. She delivered and rocked, which was nice after the boring ass Bright Eyes letdown.

One thing I learned about Erin McKeown last night that I didn't previously know was that she has a particular fan following. To be more specific, when I got there, Chad and I were pretty much the only guys there, and our hair was longer than all of girls there. Not that it made a difference, it actually made it more fun, Chad and I singing out loud amongst a sea of young Iowa City lesbians.

Chad and Hillary, Leah, Sarah, Nicole and I went.

I ran into a friend that works in the ER, Glenn, who plays guitar at The Mill some nights.

After the show I ran into Erin, and had just enough beers to strike up a conversation. I thought she might not give me the time of day, judging me as some frat guy, but she was actually really cool. She probably thought I was gay, that's why. Anyway, she insisted we take the picture hold-the-camera-yourself style, which made for cooler pics in the end.

They just got done playing at South by Southwest and were kicking off their tour starting in Iowa City. So, she might be coming around, and I recommend catching the show if you have time.


brando said...

That sounds like a rock-n-roll good time. The mill's a good spot.

Paul said...

so...where are the lesbo pics?

Paul said...

also i have a question that i would like you to address on your next post.

whats the deal with all the medical TV shows on these days? what do you guys in the medical field think about this? is it like how peeps in the military regard most military movies? like "how quaint.."

Paul said...

oh yeah, and is there witty banter in the OR?

Travis said...

only a few more days on PICU, and then I can be more prompt about answering giving specific examples of witty OR banter.

Paul said...

i was watching greys anatomy and everyone on the show is bonin eachother too. is there a lot of resident-on-resident action goin on? and resident-on-doctor action? i have a lot of questions.

Travis said...

I watch Grey's Anatomy sometimes too, and even though I like it, it also has the most things of any medical show that are just plain crazy.

On their first day, all the interns were on call for 48 hours. Hmmm. That's not very good planning, because then no one will be able to be on call right after that.

Also, where are the mid level residents? Surgery residency is five years, yet you only see a couple of 5th year residents and all interns.

Then you have the staff who are superstars. They get to be neurosurgeons, who also get to occasionally operate on things totally outside of their specialty. Oh yeah, and they get to bang hot interns. What hospital is this again?

I could go on, but the point is, Scrubs is more accurate about the daily going-ons of a hospital than Grey's Anatomy.

Paul- to more specifically answer your question- I think there is minimal resident on staff doc action, because in most hospitals, including ours, the staff doc can lose their job if they are the residents supervisor. I think there is a lot more resident on resident action, but still not to the level of Grey's Anatomy. The biggest component of hospital sex/ gossip is resident on nurse action. A lot of residents date nurses, and a lot of nurses are fishing for residents. Being married, I am not sure exactly how much this goes on. But several of my friends, who I attempt to live vicariously through make it seem pretty easy pickings.

Dr. McDreamy said...

I pretend to be a doctor sometimes and believe me, those bitches is really easy pickins'. Especially when you say "Hey baby, I'm a proctologist and your sweet booty looks like its in need of my deep inspection."

Travis said...

as for the witty banter in the OR-Surgeons are kind of the alpha male type, so the or is their domain during the surgery.

some or's are a blast. when i was a medical student i was on a surg rotation where my job the whole month was the OR DJ. it was a pretty young surgeon, and we were listening to snoop dog and while slicing this guys kidneys.

other OR's are stiff and quiet.

In general, there are a lot of OR's, especially in the private hospitals where the surgeons and anesthesiologists get to know eachother well and live next to one another where there is banter about golf, kids, and jokes ranging from ok to completely inappropriate. It really varies.

Paul said...

that sounds like something i could really get into, if i had the mental capacities and/or the work ethic. is there someway i can bypass med school and just be the OR DJ or, like, the guy who cruises around and says preposterous shit to encourage a scrubs-like atmosphere? i think that's a niche i could fill.

in any case, the biggest problem is those latin words. they just don't stick.

plus i hate italians.

Tony said...

You know Paul you could always be like the janitor on "Scrubs". You could follow Travis around and be his nemesis. You may even be able to get some of the slutty nurse overflow.

Just a thought.

Travis said...

If I were going to bypass medical school and be in the medical atmosphere I would be an ER clerk. I am biased because I am in Emergency Medicine, but the ER is a blast to work in. It is kind of the blue collar workplace of medicine. Lots of dick/fart jokes and sexual references. I think the personalities who are drawn to the fast paced adrenaline boosting atmosphere of the the ER are the same types who like to boat, water ski, drink beer and keep things light.

If you have ever watched ER, the clerk on that show would be a good example. You get to see all the action, and you could totally be the guy who cruises around and says preposterous shit to encourage a scrubs-like atmosphere.

brando said...

Here's the Turk Dance. It's a big file so just let it buffer for a sec.

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