Friday, March 03, 2006

What Is Emo?

Can anyone tell me what emo is? I can quickly conjure a picture of an 'emo kid'. In fact, I like to think I would enjoy the company of an emo kid, and I have enjoyed bands dubbed as emo. But what's at the root of it?

Is emo 'emotive hardcore' and punk rock? Or more emo as in mopey, introverted and seeing the world as desolate? Early emo, a term dubbed in the 1980's was associated with punk rock and emotion the band showed on the stage.

Emo of the 2000's is more associated with the kid who is so humble that it even makes Jesus puke. (And Jesus almost never pukes, being immortal and not requiring an act of puke to dispell toxins from his corporeal manifestation.)

Emo lyrics tend to be a little more depressing, here's an example:

life is a spike / upon which i have impaled myself / screw you dad

Man, if you are emo and reading this I probably made you cry, didn't I?

Frickin' Emo Kid.

But really, despite my pokes I think emo kids can be very cool, but they're the ones who won't admit to being emo. If you call yourself emo, see the picture above. (In all seriousness to that pic, according to my very in-depth research on the topic emo is considered gay-friendly, which is cool.)

I think I might be a little bit emo. Or not. Maybe I just want to be. Tony Cooper is definitely emo, but mostly just for the gay part. What, or who else we know is emo?


Tony said...

Owning a 4lb chihuahua and taking hundreds of pictures of it in various dresses and sweaters does not make me gay Travis... but having anal sex with many anonymous men does.

Are you trying to get someone to suggest that you are in fact "emo", which you can then extrapolate to mean you are "cool"? I can assure you that you are neither. And this post is a pathetic attempt at validation. Are you feeling a little self-conscious because non of your med students will sleep with you? Don't feel bad about that it's only because I told everyone that you're perpetually infected with chlamydia.

It's funny because it's true.

Travis said...

You keep getting it wrong, chlamydia is easy to cure. It's my genital herpes that I am perpetually infected with.

I don't think anyone would think that I am emo. But I do like self-validation.

brando said...

We're going Da-Da in a Leulelarah!

Travis said...

Brandon- that was awesome. I laughed really hard.


Absolutely love it.

Elizabeth said...

i think now emo has been construed to a fashion statement and way of getting attention. early emo usage was probably geared towards the music like it should be. emo to me is just heartfelt and completely sincere. "emo kids" don't hold back there emotions they just show them and are cruelly criticized for it. actually now that i think of it... most people take being called emo as an insult. but thats just my interpretation of it. good blog tho i enjoyed it.