Friday, March 10, 2006

Update: Paul submitted this picture above which he preferred.

Tony said he was tired of opening up my blog and seeing my mug at the top, so since I am at work here is my temporary post to take up space until I have time to put something more worthwhile on. I have no idea who this little girl is, but apparently mom and dad need to up her feedings. I just got off of a 30 hour shift in the PICU, so I am going to go sleep now for a while.


Tony said...


Paul said...

I recommend using this picture.

Muncher said...

Travis, you make puppies look so delicious.

Julie said...

Just a short word from Travis'
"MOM", Hey Trav, your appearance
has had a dramtic change since
you were last home! Love it though, I died laughing !!!

Julie said...

Nice one Travis,
I just about died laughing!

muncher said...

Quit saving lives and start blogging.