Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Baby on the Way!

Finally, a grandkid for the parents that isn't a dog! We've known for a while, but were just waiting to anounce. Due date is October 31st, that's right Halloween baby! I have been looking for good neonatal Halloween costumes. I am thinking neonatal vampire. Or undead rock star. Nicole thinks I am kidding.

In a little more seriousness we are really excited. Oct 31st puts us at about 14 weeks, so at about 20 weeks we should be able to find out if it's a boy or girl. (Nicole and I are both impatient so we are definitely finding out.) I also suggested an online naming contest, but I guess that's not a good idea either according to Nicole. What a party pooper. I thought Tony's initial suggestion of Mortimer Cornelius wasn't all bad. I also want to note some of my other now rejected naming ideas: Aragorn, Anakin, Ender, Qui-Gon and every other nerd based name I have suggested.

By the way, does anybody else think it's funny that on the picture of the ultrasound the ultrasound tech printed out for us it says "baby" on it? She had to type that in there. I guess in case we thought instead of a baby it might be a carrot.

So I am making a Public Congrats to everbody in the expectant club! I would say there must be something in the water, but some of us live in different states. Anyway, Congrats to Cullen and Jody, Sam and Meredith, Brandon and Nicole, Brent and Melissa, Nick and Stephanie, Eric and Courtney, Nicole and I, and Phil Sterk and Carrie! Ok, just kidding about the Phil Sterk part, but everybody else on there is seriously pregnant, so Congratulations to all. The Mini-van is next.


cyberninja said...

I propose 'Mercury Volatile Brownell,' then when it gets its PhD in Astrophysics its name will be "Dr. Mercury Volatile, at your service!"

Plus "Mercury" has the added bonus of being non gender-specific.

Whats with all the babies lately anyways? Did I miss the huge unprotected sex-fest that took place in America while I was in Thailand or what?

Tony said...

I'm offended that the tech felt the need to label the baby. What else was she expecting to find in Nicole's uterus. You know what, forget I asked that question. Somehow I feel that your answer might get you into trouble.

Here are my suggested names:

A. Byron Brownell
Anthony Brownell
Byron Brownell
Tony Cooper Brownell
Cooper Brownell
Anthony Cooper Brownell
Byron Cooper Brownell
Cooper Anthony Brownell

I think you get the idea.

cyberninja said...

I'm offended that the tech felt the need to label the baby. What else was she expecting to find in Nicole's uterus.

Here's the answer to that Tony. This is the other sonigram they took of Travis's spawn. Now I'm not a medical doctor but to me Travis's baby bears a striking resemblance to hammerhead from Star Wars.

The Chad said...

it is going to be a
my suggested names are:
Tony Cooper Brownell
Cooper Brownell
Anthony Cooper Brownell

Mary said...

Wow, Travis, there will be room enough for 6 losers in your minivan!
(or 7 if you fold down the seat)
Congrats and you should name her Mary (best name ever and completely timeless).

Travis said...

No way am I really getting a minivan. At least that's what I am sticking to for right now. Of course, I have friends who said the same thing and now have one...

brando said...

I've got a sonogram of yer kinder Travis.

Cory knows what that thing is.

Travis said...

Brando, that was one of my kinder from 'The Cave'. I was just happy to see our sonogram didn't look like this:
Cy Photo

Paul said...


Anonymous said...

Don't ever discount the name seven. Its a bit of a dark horse, but it may grow on you. Plus it could be both a girl or a boy's name.


Travis said...

Six could work too. At least for a girl. Remember Six from Blossom?

brando said...

Seven pretty much means 7 of 9 from Star Trek.

Six is of course the wacky friend from Blossom. Cullen had a crush on her.

Five is Johnny 5 from Short Circuit.

Four is Mr Foreskin Von Shankheimer from the movie that loops endlessly through Travis' mind.

You should name it "Supra Orbital Taurus Brownell"

Or "Bat Ears Brownell".

"Hi, I'm Bat Ears Brownell, pleased to meet you. What? Yeah, that's my real name. You'd think it was because my ears were like bat ears, or maybe even like bat wings, but sadly no. In place of each ear I actually have an entire bat. Soooo... I have that going for me...Which is nice."

toad said...

I agree with Chad. Tony Cooper Brownell.