Thursday, May 10, 2007

Looking for the Canton Creeper...

I took a trip up by Monmouth, mainly for mushroom hunting, but also hoping to get a sneak peek at Eastern Iowa's Bigfoot...The Canton Creeper.
I was by myself, so I increased the chance of being attacked by a Bigfoot, Rattlesnake, or Jason, according to horror movie rules.
So, the reason I brought my camera was to take pictures of all the mushrooms I found. But, I got feeling artsy I guess and took a bunch. Also, I found not ONE mushroom. SO, I put together a picture quiz for ya. I'll start out easy, Pic 1 above is:
Pic 2?: These little umbrella looking flora always seem to be lurking around good mushroom spots.
Ok, Pic 3? I really don't know what made this, so I am asking without the answer on this one. It was mud that had been piled up around a little burrough hole...Snake?, Chupracabra?, Very Small People?
Anybody know the name of these flowers?
Last question- I saw this out in the middle of nowhere, a long ago abondoned skeleton of the past, anybody know what this is and what it was probably used for?
This special message brought to you by Driving Miss Daisy....


cyberninja said...

1) Dandelions. Duh.

2) Bloodroot or Mustard Leaf maybe? What do they smell like?

3) Chupacabra lair most likely.

4) Columbine. As in "Wild" and not "Bowling for." Note: Totally edible flowers (and almost as tasty as honeysuckle).

5) Blair witch fireplace. Probably used for cooking children.

Travis said...

Nice job on the Columbine. I didn't know they were edible. That's cool. I will try them. Ok so, I know you got 2/5 right. (#1 and #4). #2 is wrong. And I cannot prove you are right or wrong about #3 or #5. We need more help on those.

I did think I knew what 5 was, and I still suspect it is what I thought it was. However, I am not so arrogant to think I could be wrong, and it may have been a Blair witch fireplace, or better yet, a dual purpose machination...

The Chad said...

1) Dandelion clock

2)Mayapples..i think(it has been a while)

3)I believe it is a snake hole

4)Columbine as cory said

5)it is what is left of the evil dead shack..someone moved it to Iowa

brando said...

Dandylions, Bloodroot, Crawdaddys, columbine, Kiln.

Travis said...

Here's the 2nd Pic Info:

Little Green Umbrellas

Travis said...

Brando- Nice job on the Kiln and Crawdaddy hole. I tried to Google crawdaddy holes, and I couldn't find a pic, but from what I read it sounds like that is what that is. Cool, I never knew that.

Yeah, that old Kiln is out in the middle of nowhere by Monmouth. It's pretty cool looking. According to wikipedia kilns have been used for:

-To dry green lumber so that the lumber can be used immediately
-Drying wood for use as firewood
-Heating wood to the point of pyrolysis to produce charcoal
-For annealing, fusing and deforming glass
-For cremation (at high temperature)
-Drying of tobacco leaves
-Firing of certain materials to form ceramic materials
-Drying malted barley for brewing

The Chad said...

So you give props to everyone but me..#2 was hard.

Travis said...

Good point. Everyone else thought it was bloodroot. Mayapples was right on, and the peeps that guessed bloodroot get 20 lashes.

Superchad Rocks. Cats.

brando said...

I will lash myself.

Actually that sounds like something other than what I meant. I will flail myself, ashura style.