Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Wakeboarding on Lake Coralville...and The Ultimate Showdown

Getting geared up

Got up on the first try, absolutely loving it

Face first in the drink




This video is of Erin getting pretty high on a jump...and landing soon after in the water.

I had to throw this in. Scott and Jen played this song while we were wakeboarding yesterday. The Band is Lemon Demon, the song called The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny. The video is really cool that goes with it.


Paul said...

nice. how longs it take to figure out?

Travis said...

Not too long actually. If you have ever snowboarded and done any water skiing I think it helps.

I got up all 6 times I tried, and stayed up without a problem. I have both water skii'd and snowboarded before, so that might have helped. Now, getting to do stuff is a little different matter. I was mostly a just kind of skim back and forth on one side of the boat guy. I think it will take a little more work before I start jumping the wake. But all in all, it is easier to get up on that water skiing, hurts less when you wreck compared to snowboarding. I really had a great time doing it.

Paul said...

i was actually gonna ask specifically how it compares to snowboarding, which takes like 3 hours to figure out (but not get particularly good at).

this was the warmest winter in japan's recorded history -- not the best year to learn snowboarding. :( then my wife fractured her elbow on the second run of the day the second time i went. :(:(

next year im gonna be a snowboarding fiend.

ps: are you going the first week of june? got any room?!

Tony said...

Paul, are you going to be in Iowa in June?

Paul said...

yeah ill be in iowa the first from the 4th or so? for a coupla days

Paul said...

it shoots me an email at peverson at yahoo dot com

Travis said...

yeah, I might be going the first week in June, and if I do you could definitely go. We usually need MORE people to go. Let me know when you are going to be in Iowa City.

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Anonymous said...

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