Thursday, June 12, 2008

Billy the Insane Duck

I think Cory Scanlan might be right. Oil and gas skyrocketing, never before seen flooding, record tornados, cats and dogs sleeping together: the point is get your survival plans ready. Anyway, with all the disheartening things going on, I wanted to share a simple laugh with the duck next door....
BILLY, The Duck
Ok, so I was mistaken. I thought ducks were simple, water loving herbivores who like to have a little bread now and then. Turns out they are at least omnivores, and we have a duck next door who also slays rabbits. I want to give you a little history of Billy, The Duck.

Billy was brought home by our neighbors son as part of a class project. He agreed to let his son, Sam, keep the duckling figuring the thing would die before the end of the schoolyear. That was 13 years ago. Billy still lives next door here in Sioux City, roams the neighborhood in search of grubs and generally seems like a peaceful duck. Until rabbits in our neighborhood started disappearing.

After slaying the timid creature, Billy feasted on the fruit of his labors. I was getting a little too close taping, and either it just plain 'ol torqued him off, or I smelled good enough to eat too, and he tried to attack me. See Below-

I lived and Billy went right back over to the rabbit and began where he left off.

Billy, you rock.


muncher said...

That's one mean water fowl.

Tim said...

I dont know what to say. All I can tell you is that Iam crying right now

cyberninja said...

Oh my gosh. I think I saw this happen in the Seventh Sign with Demi Moore.

No wait, it was in the Fiend Folio:

Carnivorous Blood-drinking Ducks do not portend good tidings for Sioux City. Its high time the local constabulary started experimenting with genetic growth serum and mutating Pike in our lakes and rivers to deal with this problem. Of course, since ducks can just leave water to avoid our super-Pike we'd have to give the enlarged highly-aggressive Pike the ability to move and survive on land as well.

I foresee no problems with this proposed remedy to the vampire duck problem.

Courtney said...

Travis....I am laughing my a$$ off watching you be attack by a DUCK!!!! I was rolling on the floor laughing so hard. Oh my god!!!!! WOW!!!!

Travis said...

I foresee no problems with this proposed remedy to the vampire duck problem.

...Can you order the Pike for me?