Friday, June 13, 2008

Flood 2008, June 13th

Iowa City Flood
Just going to share pics from today in IC. It really is pretty bad here, and worse in CR and other communities. The water is going to keep rising for a few days in IC, and is already over the record set in 1993. They are calling it a 500yr Flood. I don't think anybody recorded floods that long ago, but maybe I am wrong.

Just below the Burlington Bridge

Sandbagging by the river to keep water out of the UI Library.

Water is almost lapping up against the Burlington St bridge in IC. Any higher and they may have to close it off, making travel between east and west IC even harder.

Sandbags ready for the rise to keep water out of the Lindquist Center.

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Nicole, OG and I still managed to have a good time. We filled ourselves well at the Atlas.

While I had the locally famous Buffalo Chicken World Burrito with Blue Cheese, Olivia had stinky formula.

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Tim said...

Ok the 500 year flood has to do with the percentage of the flood happening. Its like playing the power ball your odds of winning are not so good. I may be wrong but i belive the odds of this flood is .02% in one year. Thats how they come up with the 500 year flood. Just something I had to look up this past week and thought i would share. Plus this flood is keeping me from moving to Marion. My keys to my new place are on 313 third Ave SE Cedar Rapids. So it may take me a couple weeks to get moved. Well anyway goodnight to all I need to sleep off a good drunk.