Sunday, June 22, 2008

Our Other Roommate

Meet our other roommate. For those of you who know me well, you know what this was like for me. I wanted to curl up in the fetal position like I was suddenly overcome with dragonfear, but I held my ground and slayed the beast. (5 ft away with spider death spray.)

I photographed him primarily because I hate spiders, (and want to sleep at night), so much that identifying every spider I find in my house has become routine. This is a fisher spider. Not poisonous, but large and evil. Let this be my official warning to all you spiders: You show up at my house, you will suffer the consequences...
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muncher said...

Travis, you are a beast! We all know that spiders are evil. They lie in wait to get you while you sleep and lay eggs in your pores. They want to climb into your nose and into your ears. The whole reason I got married was to have someone around to kill spiders. I applaud your bravery. Seriously.

Travis said...

Thanks Muncher. I hear you too. I really do hate spiders, and my fear of them is the only thing that makes me kill them so that I can sleep at night.

I also agree they are evil. It creeps me out when you try to circle around them to get behind them and they turn to face you. Are you familiar with Lloth?

cyberninja said...

AHHHHHHHHHH! Look at the size of that thing!


Jen Sinkler said...

This year has been full of reconnections with people I knew nearly a decade or more ago, so when I came across your blog today (long story), I was only a little surprised. Pleasantly so! It sounds like you're doing great -- beautiful family ya got there.

That spider is terrifying. I had spiders like that in my basement when I lived in Des Moines, and I considered tossing out everything stored down there when I moved.

I live in Philly now, and have a dog who kinda looks like yours. At least I think she's part lemon beagle. Part devil, for sure.

If you want to catch up, my email is

Tyler said...

Jess and I have also been finding spiders that look like that even though I have sprayed the whole house. The good thing is, that Bridget (the demon) does not like bugs, and barks when she finds one and will corner it. I have found 2 in the last week about the same size. Your not the only one!

Travis said...

Jen Sinkler! Holy randomness. Welcome to the Peltgrande Blog, not too exciting here, but great to hear from you. I will shoot you an email, can't wait to catch up.