Sunday, August 03, 2008

Rustic Run and Mighty Mo 1/2 Marathon

Here's Chad and I after the 23rd annual Rustic Run. I didn't have a great race, but it was a good day, finished 3rd in my age group and I beat Jeremy Dunlavey. Of course, he didn't run, so I had a pretty good shot to start with. Chad nailed 2nd in his age group, hence the green mug prize.
My first meeting of Maura Kay. She's a peach. So is Cullen.

Last weekend I decided to run the 17th Annual Mighty Mo' 1/2 Marathon. It was in South Sioux City, Nebraska. Pretty flat course, and AllSport was there with chip timing which was nice. I kept a pretty decent pace, and finished with a 1hr 45min 13.1 mile run time. It got me 3rd in my age group and hopeful to break the 3hr 45min 26.2 mile time mark this fall.

I called Mike friday afternoon after registering him for the 8K and told him he was running. He was glad he did. He set a PR for the 5K (at the 5K mark) and finished the 8K in 38 minutes. Good for 2nd in his age group, nice work!

In completely unrelated news, George Noory spoke with SkyCar creators at 4 am this morning on my way home from work. The M400 goes around 200mph at economical speeds and can hover and take off straight up. Moller, the company that produces them also has a M200 model which they plan to have released with at least 40 available in 2009.


Tony said...

The really impressive thing is that you placed 3rd in the Rustic Run while wearing flip flops. Some good running shoes may get you at least a green bottle next year.

Travis said...

the flip flops actually are what I wore after the race. during the race I wore broken glass taped to my feet Lionheart style. it makes the race more interesting.

Tony said...

I think you mean Bloodsport but as long as you're running on broken glass it's cool.

Remember when Bruce Willis did that in Die Hard? That was awesome.

Travis said...

Ahh yes, Bloodsport. Was that guy he fought named Tong Po?

Anonymous said...

Great pix, great achievements...opponents vested, Tong Po's defeated, fat Cullens on display. Travis is Runny McRunnerston.