Sunday, August 24, 2008

Weekend at Okoboji, Part 1

The Fam took a little trip to Okoboji this weekend, and we are still up here for a couple more days. Olivia, Daisy, Nicole and I came up thursday. Jeremy, Gina and Jordy joined us friday. We have been taking in all 'Boji has to offer and having a blast. Yesterday we went to Arnolds Park and Olivia rode the merry-go-round. She had a grand time on that, lots of smiles hollers of glee.
WATER BABY! Friday afternoon we got in the indoor pool at the water park here at Bridges Bay. Olivia loved it. She cruised around in her little floatie turtle, splashed and couldn't get enough of it. She also swam the lazy river with us in her turtle and was smiling the whole way. Clearly got mom's genes for the water, as her dad is sort of a sea cow.
Joe Liewer let us use his boat for the weekend, (thanks Joe!), and so we went did some cruising on East and West Okoboji. Here's Jordy loving it.
The Sitzmann Family
Daisy loves the boat, as she always did in Iowa City, too. By the way, try getting a dog and an infant to look at the camera on a boat at the same time. Good luck.
Jordy and Daddy
It didn't take long for Olivia to be put to sleep on the boat. Loud white noise and rocking? She was cashed.
To end off Saturday night here's Jordy serenading us. Mainly she was rocking for her mom, which at 11pm after a long day Gina was really enjoying. We were ready to go to bed, Jordyn was ready to head down to Bracco's and party.

**Update**: Today I turned 30! Goodbye 20's, it was fun. Today I celebrated my thirtieth birthday by: 1. Running 15 miles this morning 2. Boating in Okoboji 3. Stuffing myself like a pig 4. Hanging out with Mom & Dad here in Okoboji 5. Going to stuff myself a little more before I go to bed.


Tony said...

Happy Birthday. Welcome to the 30's.

Get the most out of your University of Okoboji experience. I highly recommend dining at Mrs. Lady's in Arnold's Park if you get a chance.

Travis said...

Tony, that is quite a coincidence that you mentioned Mrs. Lady's, b/c we ate there. Nicole subsequently went online to write the following review:

We were vacationing in the Okoboji area, and had a hankering for some Mexican we thought we would give Mrs. Lady's a try. We walked in and the atmosphere was okay, but could use some major updates. It wasn't at all warm, relaxing, and friendly, but seemed more like a red, dark dungeon. We decided a good starter would be chips and salsa, but this Mexican restaurant did NOT have salsa (what the heck?). So we ordered some some nachos with peppers and hot sauce, and we got the appetizer before our drinks, even though the apps were flaming hot. (And they kinda tasted like I made them at home in the microwave.) Finally we got our drinks after our appetizers were pretty much over and done with. We also tried to order soft shelled tacos with chicken, but they didn't exist at this restaurant, and they won't do ANY substitutions, even though they had both chicken and tacos, weird. Oh, by the way, our service was pretty much crappy. When we got our food, two dishes were about average/sub average, and two were pretty much gross, especially the rice that I mistaken for a pile of ground beef when I first saw it. We picked at our food, and decided to head out. Beware, they do not take credit or debit, cash only. So be prepared, no technology here. On a scale of 5 anchors, we gave this place 1 anchor, which dropped to none we when later had gut rot.

Maybe we hit it on a bad night. But it was a bad experience. Overall though, Okoboji was a blast and we had a great time.

Tony said...

Wow. That sounds awful. Mrs. Lady's used to be my favorite restaurant when I was a kid. It was never typical Mexican food but it was always completely smothered in cheese which made it good for me.

It was always such a popular place to eat that you had to wait about an hour to get in on weekends. The service always sucked though.

Jacks said...

Hey Travis! Happy belated birthday! Hooray for 30! Glad that you had a great time and that things are going well!