Saturday, January 28, 2006

Dog vs. Hog Fight Ring Busted, Many more suspected

So-called "hog-dog rodeos" are events at which frenzied dogs, usually pit bulls, are turned loose, one or two at a time, in pens to attack wild pigs as onlookers cheer and judges rate dogs by how quickly they take down their prey. To prevent injury to the dogs, the hogs' tusks are often first snapped off with a steel pipe and hammer or with bolt-cutters, rendering these animals completely defenseless.

Hogs often sustain serious injuries during these events, including but not limited to ripped ears and haunches, mangled noses, ruptured scrotums, and other gaping wounds. Sometimes their ears are torn right off. Considered by some to be "good, wholesome fun," children are also often allowed to gang up on the frightened pigs and chase them around the arena.

I only have 2 problems with this:
1. They need to let the pigs fight without handicapping them first. I mean come on, if your dog can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen, bitch.
2. I don't think they should let children chase the pigs around, but I suppose it would be alright to let the children watch the seething blood thirsty dogs horrifyingly tear apart the unfairly crippled hogs. Seems like a good life lesson for the kids, "Don't get crippled!".


Cyberninja said...

I agree, kids today are far too willing to go out and get crippled with their friends. We need something wholesome like this to "scare 'em straight." Let them think about the next time they're going to take a ball-peen hammer to their kneecap on the street corner that maybe there's a wild pack of bloodthirsty pitbulls ready to rip out their scrotum.

Stay in school, kids.

eric said...

With the obesity epidemic in this country, I think it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY that the children run around whacking the shredded hog like leather piƱata of blood and guts eye candy. At least that way they are getting off their fat asses and enjoying some good old down home backwoods fun. Hogs are like fish and "Libertarians," they don't have feelings ;)

brando said...

I prefer watching the UFC. They are more skilled than pigs and dogs, everyone is there by their own free will, and "people carnage" is just more fun to watch.

Maybe we have have 2 or 3 small children be in the octagon while a fight is going on, just to see if they can stay out of the way.

Paul said...

maybe they should mix it up a little, and have 1 pitbull versus a few kids or something. seeing ur school mate cruising around with a shredded yambag would probably make you feel a little more sympathetic to a piggy.

Tony said...

Having had my own scrotum torn open by an angry dog I can tell you that it is, without a doubt, fantastic entertainment.

A scrotum will heal but the memories will last forever.

Travis said...

Tony, you still have a scrotum? I thought Jenny had confiscated that and the two accompanying testicles years ago.