Monday, January 23, 2006

Friends of the Peltgrande

A cue from Muncher, I wanted a place to give the Peltgrande Roster.

The only difference here is that I want you to be the one to leave your Name, statistics, specializations and details integral to our frienship.

I will give you the first example for a general template to follow, but feel free to tweek it for your needs.


Travis said...

Friend: Gollum
Height: Roughly 3 feet tall
Date of Birth: c. Early to mid-2400's
Marital Status: Single, though arguably common-law married to Smeagol
Current Residence: Middle Earth

Gestault View: 587 year old, hobbit-like male of no fixed abode. He has presented with antisocial behaviour, increasing aggression, and preoccupation with the "one ring."

Hobbies: Coveting his 'precious', eating raw fish

Dislikes: Triksy Hobbitses

Other important tidbits: Probable DSM-IV diagnosis of Multiple Personality Disorder vs. Schizoid Personality Disorder

Our history: I have never had a chance to personally meet Gollum, though if I did I would certainly consider him a close enough friend to ride on the hood of his car, sneak out of his house to run around Lost Nation at night or go Geocaching with him.

Muncher said...

Relationship to Travis: Perfect strangers (he's the Cousin Larry of us)
Height: 5' 6"
Date of Birth: May 11, 1974
Marital Status: Married

Hobbies: Magic the Gathering, Movies, Doing poorly with the ladies
Likes: Dr Pepper, Firewood, Enrique Iglesias, Hufu
Dislikes: When Cory makes me be Gyllenhall when we play 'Brokeback'

Our history: We don't have a history as we don't know each other. The only thing we share is a love for the NES Illustrator challenge. Though my grandparents live in Lost Nation so we are practically brothers.

Cory said...

Friend: Cyberninja20XX!!1!!1!
Height: 5' 11.56765"
DoB: 3-25-78
Marital Status: Good so far
Current Residence: The Technodojo

Hobbies: Flying Robo-Tiger Kicks, Online DnD and FPS'ses, Pre-emptive Postapocalyptism
Likes: Bruce Campbell, Twileks, Cybernetic Assault Suits
Dislikes: TBN, Will and Grace reruns, Will and Grace reruns

Our History: Travis and I have a sorted past of scaring away the mists of ravenloft with sweet shotgun trick-shots, exploring the haunted status of wheelchairs and Ouija boards in his attic, and reading the DnD Player's Handbook in Mr. Doyle's Social Studies class.

Anonymous said...
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WARDEN said...
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chad said...

Friend: ChadwickEFelds
Height: 5’8”...and growing
DoB: 7/3/77
Eyes: Dreamy
Marital Status: Pending
Current Residence: Coralville.

Hobbies: (in order) playing music, vinyl collecting,listening to music, racquetball, all things SEGA
Likes: The beautiful Iowan landscape. All liberals…even the crazy ones.
Dislikes: Non-midwest states of the union, particularly Texas, Maine, Iraq, Colorado

Our History: We met in 5th grade. Since then we’ve: spiked Jello at a HS awards ceremony, planned a Heather T. ‘escapade’, ran over a stop sign, inserted Kleenex into instruments, stole liquor from an abandoned store, Check Santa, Check Saturn, jumped off a car, lost a rocket, played DnD in the back of Mr. Cooperider’s class. I think that’s about it.

brando said...

Friend: Dyson
Height: 5'11"
DOB: 7/5/75
Eyes: White Orbs that can see into your nightmares.
Marital Status: Unhappily Married to a monster.
Current Residence: The seedy underbelly of the US, in Cedar Rapids, Beautiful Land

Hobbies: Geocaching, Geodetic disks, Geopolitics, Ford Geo, Neo-Geo game system, Georgia, USGS, Geodes, Geography

Likes: Guinness, Mid-rare steak, Easy Mac, Risotto, Tiramisu, Crab cakes, Iowa pork chops, Eggs benedict, Bacon, Eggnog, Merlot, Steak Oscar, Shepards pie, Chilli, Twice baked potatoes, Sautee'd mushrooms, Prime Rib, Chicken tarragon, Arby's curly fries, Spicy biscuits and gravy, and that Firefly DVD set that Karen got me for Christmas.

Dislikes: Complainers

Our History: Now that I think of it, there is nothing too sorted. We did have one crazy night, where after some trials and tribulations I ended up saying "I guess this means that I don't get my burrito."