Thursday, January 26, 2006

Know your NES?

The English version of one of these games is actually a modified version of a completely different, non Mario Japanese platform game, is it?
A - Mario Bros
B - Super Mario Bros 2
C - Super Mario Bros 3
D - Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels

It may or may not be the picture to the left, but the answer shouldn't surprise you when you think about it. Click comments for the answer.


Travis said...

B: Super Mario Bros 2

This has always been regarded as the black sheep of the NES games. It really is a fantastic game, but it’s quite different than any of the other Mario games and features many enemies that are also unique to this game. There’s a good reason for this though, the game was actually originally released in Japan in 1987 as Doki Doki Panic by Fugi. Nintendo actually did develop their own Super Mario Bros 2 game but it was only released in Japan whilst the US and PAL versions of the game were actually Doki Doki but with a few tweaks and edited art. The main theories on why the game wasn’t released outside of Japan are that a- The game is too simular to the first game and b- the game is too hard for American gamers.

This is a good thing in a way though as we eventually got the original Super Mario Bros 2 on the Super Mario All Stars game for the Super Nintendo (Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels) and we also got a much improved version of Doki Doki which is a very good platformer. Some of the art and especially animation in the Japanese version of this game is extremely rough compared to the Nintendo version.

brando said...

Yeah, I beat this game in about a day and a half, which was one of my fastest ones. But then good ole Chad O'Hara beat it faster and made me feel bad. I really liked it. The princess can float around, which is not to be underestimated.

Paul said...

"dokidoki" is onomatopoeia for an increased heart rate

funny eh?

Anonymous said...

Travis once had a pet chincilla he named toadstool. It died after chewing on the charger to his hand blender.