Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Chad got Descent!

Got a new gaming store, reminiscing about COBF, and Chad got Descent. I've got gaming in some sort or another on my mind. Hence the red dragon drawing. Anyone care to guess how old he would be? I have to work way too much to start off this month, but you can bet we'll be at Critical Hit Games later in September with MTG and Descent. And lots of junk food. We'll let you know when...


cory said...

Age category: Venerable

You can tell by the horns.

Breath Weapon: Fire, Cone 80'x80', Ref Save DC 20, dmg 10d8

Treasure: HH

CR: 18

chad said...

The game box is like 12" by 24". Huge. I'm reading the instructions, seems to be a dumbed down version of D&D.

Travis said...

Cory is right on. 999 years old, will gain Wyrm status in 2 years:

9 Very old 601-800

10 Venerable 801-1,000

11 Wyrm 1,001-1,200

muncher said...

Wow, Cory, you are a dork.

cory said...

In the clubs they call me the Dungeon Master of Ceremonies.


brando said...

I was under the impression that the age catagories go:
Very Old, Ancient, Wyrm, Great Wyrm

That would make his breath weapon a whopping 20d10, with a DC of 35.

You're probably talking about version 15.6 rules.

If I had it my way, we'd still have a THAC0.

brando said...

And the title of the post is call "Chad got Descent". That probably includes a clue to what system you're talking about. I'm a dummy.

Descent calls their Ancient Dragons "Venerable". Got it.