Sunday, September 17, 2006


The BIG gameday. Iowa versus ISU. All week long the Iowa players had to look at posters in each of their lockers, above the urinals and in the weight room of a billboard on I-380 that ISU put up declaring "It's a Cyclone State".

It was a really great college football game, and even more so, because Iowa won. Paul was a little disheartened afterwards, which is self-explanatory in where he tries to lobotomize himself with his finger.

And, you can see Todd Nickell, the perennial Cycloner in a nice Hawkeye shirt next to the explorer. Is Todd turning?... The fans rushed the field at the end, some people were doing snow angels, and the entire stadium was chanting together, "Hawkeye State!, Hawkeye State!"

We finished the night off around the fire...


brando said...

Darn tootin. The Hawks were really hitting on all cylinders the second half.

Now we can just forget about the horrible pounding our beloved Hawks took last year.

Tony said...

It only took one half for Drew Tate to find his mojo again. That's freaking awesome. Michigan looked tough though so Iowa has a lot of improving to do over the next month. That's what they do though, they improve over the season. Should be a great year for Hawkeye fans.