Friday, September 29, 2006

Steve Alford Game Used Golf Tee! (maybe)

Steve Alford's Golf Tee! (Could Be!) Dream IT. Be IT. This could be yours! Still fully functional, and the grass lodged in the tee from the possible powerful swing of Steve Alford remains untouched.

This Iowa Basketball labeled golf tee was found by myself on the tee off of the 9th hole at Brown Deer Golf Course. Less than a mile from the home of Steve Alford, who is known to golf there, who elses could it be?

I can make no actual guarantee that Steve Alford used this tee, but on the off chance he did, wouldn't you want it too? I had it inspected by my Beagle, (see photo), who mysteriously immediately offered the tee a contract extension and a raise even though the tee has not made me any money or met any of my expectations yet. Coincidence? I think not. More proof that this tee likely launched a golf ball once held by Steve Alford.

I will include the mint condition Nike Golf Ball free! (Not possibly game used by Steve Alford.) You could use this golf ball to hit off of the same tee Steve Alford might have hit off of. Just think of that! This is Steve Alford we're talking of here. Steve Alford has counted to infinity, twice! Steve Alford always knows the EXACT location of Carmen SanDiego. Steve Alford has 12 moons, one of which is Earth. And you could own his (maybe) golf tee. Get it NOW!

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muncherw said...

If you sell this please let me know to whom. I've got some crap to unload.