Friday, November 02, 2007

Going Home Today!

Very Tiny Hands

They like to be bundled

Uncle Mike and Olivia
Cousin Jordyn came to visit and got into the chocolate.
Had to add this picture to show how cute Jordyn really is when she doesn't have chocolate moustache.


Courtney said...

She is so adorable!!! Congrats again Travis and Nicole!!!!

Travis said...

First night home was interesting. Not much sleep for me, and ONE hour of sleep for Nicole. Yikes. Hope tonight is better. I guess it's an adventure.

Paul said...

congratchylayshuns btw. i wasnt able to post it on the first one cuz my computer at work is being a lil byatch about commenting.

but yeah, nice work mang. when's #2 coming?

Travis said...

#2 will definitely have to wait a while. No 1 is hands full enough for us for a while. We are hoping to get a beagle saddle, and once Olivia can ride Daisy around we can think about #2.