Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I hate Eaton-Lambert Syndrome

After 4 years of undergrad, 4 years of medical school and 3 years of emergency medicine residency, I am now qualified to examine a teddy bear. Ok, so really I was just showing kindergartners what happens when you go to the doctor.

I did take my EM boards yesterday. Brain was fried after, but it went really good. Man, I hate Eaton-Lambert syndrome. On every emergency medicine test I have taken, Eaton-Lambert is a choice on about 2 or 3 questions throughout the test. It's called a "killer foil", an answer that teases you into wanting to pick it, because it sounds mysterious, intelligent, so it MUST be the right answer. So, I decided to actually read up on it, as the details are always tempting me to pick it, and this way I will know for sure whether it is the right answer or just a killer foil. Well, after 6 hours of testing, and 305 questions, I never saw the phrase "Eaton-Lambert" once. Not once. Figures.
Why did I start this post at 350 am? Because 7 day old babies have NO normal sleep pattern. At least not at my house. Babies have been springing out of the woodwork. In the last 2 weeks we can announce our friends:
Brent and Melissa, Oct 26th, Baby boy Jack
Us, Oct 31st, Olivia Greer Brownell
Sam and Meredith, Nov 3rd, Gabriella Jae Burkett
Nick and Stephanie, Nov 4th, Ainsley Lillian Proud

Holy cow! That's a lot of babies in almost 1 weeks time. February was a fertile month. In the next 2 weeks we are expecting Brandon and Nicole Triggers little girl too. After that, Cullen and Jodi are on the Horizon, as are our friends Jamie and Sharon. Good luck to all. Waaayyyyy more diaper changing and feeding than I ever realized, but worth every minute.
Last, but certainly not least, I leave you with some video editing fun I was having. I really like this song, by one of my favorite artists, and the song is called, "W is for Winner". I think the video fits pretty good with it.


AJ said...

That song sounds it. That's not too bad for your first video edit...keep playing with them, you will get even better at it faster, and it's a lot of fun.
-Keep the pics of Olivia coming, we love them!

Kyle said...

Who sings that song?

Anonymous said...

I had three questions or Irritable Bowel Syndrome!!! Three!! What a non-emergent condition! Every time I saw another question about IBS, I got a little more hostile.

I think the test gave me Fibromyalgia.


Chad said...

Wow man. Thanks for making a video of the song. That's awesome!

I spent the last couple days up around your new stomping grounds...Le Mars, Orange City, Sioux Center. I have to say I was impressed, and have to change my opinion of NW Iowa.

Travis said...

Jamie, yeah, what's up about asking us 3 times about the association of nocturnal diarrhea and IBS?