Wednesday, November 14, 2007

...The Other Dog...guest post by Daisy "Dizzle" Brownell

I got my first piece of mail today, addressed aptly to Dizzle Brownell, 26 Heritage Place. It was from Jamie and Sharon Steen, (thank you!) It was a book called 'The Other Dog', about a dog in a similar position as I am. Life was just perfect for me. King dog of the house, I was. Treats, attention, and army-crawling to my hearts delight. But, mom and dad brought home a NEW dog. Can you believe it? As if I weren't enough. Her name is Olivia.
In the book, the poodle had his parents bring home a similar dog, the same breed they call 'Baby'. In the book, the dog comes to love the baby. Well, do you know me? Maybe I will change my tune, but right now I am selling myself to the highest bidder. Payment should be offered directly in the form of meats, cheeses, and scratches, with the promise of never bringing home another dog.

After dad opened my book from Jamie and Sharon, I had some fun with the package.
Addendum: While Daisy insisted on making this post, in no way are we letting her sell herself. We still love her greatly, and she is still an equal family member, though 1/4 of the pie is apparently noticeably less than 1/3 of the pie to her. Additionally, Olivia is doing great. Growing like a weed. Her weight on monday was 8lbs 8 oz, up 1 lb from her birth weight already.


Anonymous said...

Awww,love the pics. In fact I have the first blk and white one saved now to my desktop at work! Give dizzle a hug for me


Travis said...

Dizzle is officially hugged.

Kyle said...


We offer:
Daily belly scratches, 16 grilled chicken breasts, 2 porterhouse steaks and fairly frequent cheese sticks. Deal?