Sunday, November 04, 2007

Long but excellent weekend

Our first weekend at home as a family! Rough first night, but great thanks to Jenni Galles and Mindy Dunne for saving us. They brought lasanga, sandwhiches and help with things around the house which gave us a big lift for our sleep time. Daisy is not quite sure of what exactly Olivia is yet.

Olivia donned her first hawkeye gear and settled in for what seemed to be a long day against the Northwestern Wildcats.

This is Olivia screaming when she saw Jake Christiansen once again throwing the football as if he was afflicted with some neuromuscular disorder. I think her official quote was, "Jake Christiansen couldn't hit water from a boat"

Ok, she settled quickly when the Hawkeye defense stepped up and Jake looked much better in the second half. Hawkeyes WIN!! Can you believe a 7-5 season on the horizon?

Last but not least, we decided Olivia kind of looks like a gloworm when she is all wrapped up.


kinnick said...

Great post. I love the glow worm pic and the screaming at Jake pic. I hear where she is coming from. I can't believe how educated she is on Iowa football already. Amazing!

Travis said...

kinnick, Nice to see you this morning. Well, I am signing up at Snap later today, and plan on a good workout tomorrow night.