Sunday, February 17, 2008

Bath and Bumbo Time

Ok, I was supposed to be in Eastern Iowa today celebrating my mom's 50th Birthday. In comes another dump of winter weather that they stated on the news: "Travel is not recommended, and if you do have to travel, bring an emergency survival kit." I am grounded in Sioux City.
I know you can't see Olivia today, but really wanted to, and we wanted to be there too. I took some pictures today and from this week and here they are.

This is her Bumbo. Think of it as her workbench.

Getting scrubbed today. She actually loved her little tub.

Geared up to go for a ride while rocking the cute headband. I got a couple of videos too, I will send the links to you once I get them uploaded.


Kyle said...

We really like the Bumbo for our kiddos too.

Anonymous said...

What she really needs is a tool belt and some power tools to go with that Bumbo. I'm thinking a saber saw for starters....

Sharon is 37 6/7 today. Any time now. Of course I work nights the next two days so I am praying she doesn't go.

Your bud,

Nicole said...


That's exciting to hear that Sharon is 38 weeks! Travis and I can't wait to see the new lil' Steen. Tell Sharon hi for us, and keep us posted on your new arrival!