Monday, February 11, 2008

Olivia Says Hello!

Finally, I think I have figured out how to get my videos from camcorder to computer to blogger. Between firewire and vista problems, it was a few headaches. Anyway, solved.

She is really changing every day. Lifting up her head, cooing lots, grabbing things now. It makes it really fun, and worth every minute. Otherwise, all here in Sioux City is good. A little snowy, but I don't have much to complain about with all the snow you have had in eastern Iowa. We are getting about 5" tonight. I have been running a ton, (on the treadmill), and getting in race shape for the spring. I did a long run of 10 miles yesterday, and I am a little sore today. I have to have a better showing this year at the good 'ol Rustic Run, so I have good motivation to keep it up. I'll try to update you, moms and grandmas, with a few new vids of Olivia over the next week.

Maybe I will throw in a good 'ol Political Post too, and poll the Peltgrande viewers, though I know most of you are REAL patriots. The question is though, Barack or Hillary?


Tony said...

That was a wonderful "I know I'm going to post this on my blog so try not to talk in a ridiculous baby-voice" voice, Travis.

Chad said...

I can't believe I just spent my precious work time watching a minute of little baby wiggles & sounds...and thought it was cute+1.

How can you not talk in baby-coos with all that cuteness overload around you? I bet you don't swear though...

As far as the Barack or Hillary choice..."Bros before hoes." is what my pa told me.

Travis said...

That made me laugh Fields.

Tony, you don't want to hear me coo and sing Five Silly Turkeys, trust me. But Olivia loves it.

Anonymous said...

I am SOOOOO disappointed. The real question is none of the above.