Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I'm one of those Beta Guys...

Well, the HD DVD vs Blu-ray war is officially over. When Wal-mart and Netflix went solely Blu-ray, HD DVD was dead in the water. So, which losers bought an HD DVD player? ME! Yeah! Ok in my defense, I mainly got it because it upconverted all my regular dvd's, and since I bought it with my TV the discount made it almost as cheap as a regular upconvert DVD player.
Man, the movie 300, Shooter and a few others I have watched in HD DVD have looked fantastic. Oh well. At least I am not old enough to have bought betamax and made the wrong choice twice. Here's to Blu-ray!


Kyle said...

I held off on the war to wait and see who the winner would be. Maybe you can get some of the HD DVD movies out there now for really cheap.

Anonymous said...

Hey don't feel bad, in the 60's one of my friends dad bought stock in a company called Wonderburger instead of the intial stock option of a company called McDonalds. Ooops!

Hey, I am still using a Nintendo 64, and drive a 1985 Olds. Now that's cutting edge.


Anonymous said...

Hello Travis!!
Steve here...sitting at the triage desk...waiting for a flight..expecting anothe 6-10 inches of snow Monday!! Spring turkey hunting could be cold!! Speaking of which...how can I get in touch with your father about first season turkey hunting?? I will try to film it in HD so you can watch me arrow a turk!! HA!! shoot me an e-mail if you would please!! Would love to hear how things are going out there for ya!! Family is well I pray?? Hope to talk to you soon!! Gotta run ICPD has arrives with a Sat night special...handcuffed, vomiting, bleeding and VERY drunk college kid!! Gotta love the UIHC ETC!! Later man....Steve

Travis said...


Hey, I love the 85 Olds. Is that Wonderburger story true? Ouch.

How is Sharon?

Travis said...


I can get you in touch with my dad for spring turkey season. It would be really cool if you were able to tape it in HD....
Steve's Turkey Hunt on The Buck Stops Here Farm...in HD.

I just finished a Saturday night shift here in SC. Things are going well here. I really like the ER, and our acuity is really high. I saw 33 people in 8 hours tonight by myself. That's movin'. (Sound of me patting myself on the back.) Guess UIHC trained me right.

Tell everyone back in the ER hi for me and I hope all is well. Email me here:
...and we'll set up some plans for getting you out on Dad's farm.

Anonymous said...

You cant just blame Wal-mart and Netflix. You forget the industry the first chose Blue Ray. Porn!!! And with porn on HD or Blue ray either way I don't like it. Its pretty bad when you start to notice pimples on there butts.