Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Super Duper Snowy Week

Well, it's Super Week. Super Bowl. Super Tuesday. Super Snowy Town in Eastern Iowa. I am currently attempting to upload a video of Olivia if I have installed my firwire PCI card correctly. We'll see.

While I am waiting for that I will just blog my thoughts for the week. First off, Go Giants. Glad to see the Pats lose. Did anybody see much of the SuperBowl commercials? I only saw a few, as I was working in the ER and would occasionally sneak back and watch a few minutes here and there. I liked most of the ones I saw, but I have to say I will now never drink Amp. They had a guy hooking car battery charger cables to his nipples advertising Amp Energy Drink. Well, suffice it to say, when you go battery cables to nipples, I'm out. You lost me on that one.

Super Tuesday. McCain will be the GOP nominee, and the Dems are still too close to call. Daisy, our Beagle has clearly made her choice on party lines. I had a Hillary flyer come in the mail, and she chewed it up. She really doesn't chew up anything anymore, but for some reason she wanted to voice her displeasure for Hillary. Besides, Daisy is a Republican. She really liked Fred Thompson, but he's out, so she's torn. A little known fact is that the reason Daisy is a Republican is because she likes Elephants better than Donkeys.

I spoke with some of you Eastern Iowans today. Holy snow land over there. I believe some schools haven't even had school this week, after 6-10" snows Sunday night followed by 12-14" more the last 24 hours. Nice work. Sounds like fun. My parents are landlocked on Madison Road. Tim Rushford couldn't drive to work today, or anywhere for that matter, so he walked to the 'ol Swinging Door for his snow day. Say hello to the regulars for us Tim.

Ok, so my firwire card worked, I finally got videos from my camera to the computer, but still a glitch uploading. That's ok, I will work on it tomorrow for you mom. In the meantime I posted some pics from Mom and Dad's house from today. The two pics at the bottom here are pics looking up and down THE ROAD. You can't even really tell it's supposed to be a road. Jones county gets all the fun. I love snow pics, so if any of you have any other cool ones to share, email them to me, I will post them if you want.


cyberninja said...

Hey, I also posted a snow post today! Gotta love Midwest weather.

Travis said...

Sounds like Madison is getting some impressive snow too....

Anonymous said...

Now I know why I always liked Daisy.


Phil said...

Daisy the Rebublican! I knew it.